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Muscatine driver takes lead as Boley and Miller battle for top spot

DUBUQUE, IOWA (April 20, 2001) While point leader Steve Boley and Darren Miller were fighting tooth and nail for the lead in the final laps of the O'Reilly Auto Parts 50 here tonight at Dubuque Fairgrounds Speedway, Brian Birkhofer was watching from third place, waiting for an opportunity. He found it in the final laps and scooted around the leaders to win the second O'Reilly Auto Parts All-Star Series, NASCAR Touring race of the 2001 season. 

The two fastest cars were racing each other, and there was a little slide job here and a little slide job there, said Birkhofer, driver of a Pontiac Grand Prix. I saw them fighting, and I thought, 'they aren't even going to think about me on the top (groove).' I figured if I could get there I was going to win the race. We just kind of fell into it. Hey, I'm happy.  We finally got a win, said Birkhofer. I didn't want to get one like this. (At least) those guys (Boley and Miller) finished. It was sweet, though.

Boley, of West Liberty, Iowa, winner of the season-opening O'Reilly Auto Parts All-Star Series race on April 8 in Davenport, Iowa, started outside Birkhofer in the front row but took the immediate lead. He was pursued the first half of the race by Kyle Berck of Marquette, Neb., and Birkhofer, of Muscatine, Iowa. On the 29th circuit, Miller, of Chadwick, Ill., took second, and Birkhofer remained in third. 

In the final laps, Miller challenged Boley. They dueled side by side and there was contact, with Miller grabbing the lead at the start-finish line on the 44th circuit. Boley was back in front for the 45th lap with Miller leading laps 46 and 47. 

Birkhofer made his move on the 48th lap, taking the lead and winning the race. Boley and Miller followed Birkhofer under the checkers in that order. But NASCAR officials penalized Boley one finishing position for what they said was overly aggressive driving in the final laps of the race. 

Fourth and fifth places, respectively, went to Berck and Steve Ihm of Hazel Green, Wis. 

Denny Eckrich of Coralville, Iowa, won the Bud Pole Award and, because of the usual invert, started sixth in the O'Reilly Auto Parts 50. But he lost his driveshaft early in the event and had to retire. 

Winners of qualifying heats were Brian Harris of Davenport, Iowa; Boley; Denny Eckrich; and Dave Eckrich of Coralville, Iowa. Joe Kosiski of Omaha, Neb., won the consolation race. The drivers the O'Reilly Auto Parts All-Star Series, NASCAR's only dirt track touring series, prepare now for a three-night, three-race Memorial Day weekend swing. They'll be in Denison, Iowa, on Friday, May 25; Corning, Iowa, on Saturday, May 26; and Greenwood, Neb., on Sunday, May 27.

O'Reilly Auto Parts All-Star Series Race Report
Dubuque Fairgrounds Speedway
Dubuque, Iowa.
April 20, 2001
Race No. 2

First Qualifying Heat:
1. Brian Harris- Davenport, Iowa
2. Ed Kosiski- Ralston, Neb.
3. John Anderson- Omaha, Neb.
4. Brian Birkhofer- Muscatine, Iowa
5. Gary Webb- Blue Grass, Iowa
6. Joe Kosiski- Omaha, Neb.
7. Terry Neal- Ely, Iowa
8. Dan Galant- Clinton, Iowa
9. Rick Wendling- Hazleton, Iowa

Second Qualifying Heat:
1. Steve Boley- West Liberty, Iowa
2. Chris Spieker- Massena, Iowa
3. Curt Martin- Independence, Iowa
4. Ray Guss Jr.- Milan, Ill.
5. Kevin Kile- West Liberty, Iowa
6. John Hampel- Nodaway, Iowa
7. Ryan Dolan- Lisbon, Iowa

Third Qualifying Heat:
1. Denny Eckrich- Coralville, Iowa
2. Steve Ihm- Hazel Green, Wis.
3. Steve Kosiski- Papillion, Neb.
4. Matt Furman- Iowa City, Iowa
5. Sonny Findling- Kirksville, Mo.
6. Kurt Kile- West Liberty, Iowa
7. Scott Koskovich- Omaha, Neb.
8. Darren Mish- Hazel Green, Wis.

Fourth Qualifying Heat:
1. Dave Eckrich- Coralville, Iowa
2. Kyle Berck- Marquette, Neb.
3. Rollie Frink- Davenport, Iowa
4. Darren Miller- Chadwick, Ill.
5. Jeff Aikey- Cedar Falls, Iowa
6. Ed Sanger- Postville, Iowa
7. Jason Hobsheidt- Nehawka, Neb.
8. Bobby Hansen- Center Point, Iowa

1. Joe Kosiski
2. Aikey
3. Koskovich
4. Wendling
5. Neal
6. Hampel
7. Hobscheidt
8. Mish
9. Galant
10. Donnie McClellan- Grant City, Mo.

Bud Pole Award:
1. Denny Eckrich

O'Reilly Auto Parts 50-lap feature:

1. 15b Brian Birkhofer Muscatine
2. 32d Darren Miller Chadwick IL
3. 26 Steve Boley West Liberty
4. 14 Kyle Berck Marquette NE
5. 11 Steve Ihm Hazel Green WI
6. 53 Joe Kosiski Omaha NE
7. 56 Gary Webb Blue Grass
8. 45 Curt Martin Independence
9. 77a Jeff Aikey Cedar Falls
10. 12 Ray Guss Jr Milan IL
11. 35 Ed Kosiski Omaha NE
12. 78 Rick Wendling Hazelton
13. 56x Chris Speiker Masena
14. 8 Sonny Findling Kirksville MO
15. 52 Steve Kosiski Omaha NE
16. 77 Kurt Kile West Liberty
17. 2h John Hampel Nodaway
18. 37 Rollie Frink Davenport
19. 80 Scott Koskovich Omaha NE
20. 58 Dave Eckrich Coralville
21. 51 Matt Furman Iowa City
22. 21h Brian Harris Davenport
23. 88 Kevin Kile West Liberty
24. 12n Terry Neal Ely
25. 1k John Anderson Omaha NE
26. 50 Denny Eckrich Coralville

1. 37b Ron Barker Dubuque
2. 16 Ryan Dolan Lisbon
3. 9 Mark Curwen Hazel Green WI
4. 74 Scott Nesteby Asbury
5. 10 Jed Hurst Hazel Green WI
6. 15 Sean Rupp Dubuque
7. 27 Chris Schulte Norway
8. 1d Mel Saffran Dubuque
9. 41 Dennis Dugan
10. 18b Josh Brestrup Dubuque
11. 00 Cory Hallahan Dubuque
12. 39 Bob Bollen Dubuque
13. 3 Jason Schueller Dubuque
14. 14 Tim Nesteby Dubuque
15. 2c Greg Chapman Dubuque


1. 22 Jeff Valentine Dubuque
2. 2k Jeff Kennedy Dubuque
3. 20 Ty Kleiner Potosi WI
4. 25 Bobby Moyer Dubuque
5. 16 Dan Shelliam Hazel Green WI
6. 12 Jeff Tharp Dubuque
7. s1 Steve Hunter Hopkinton
DNS 89 John Irwin

1. 61 Scott Reichers Belmont WI
2. 8k Terry Merkes Farley
3. 13 Larry Benn Dyersville
DQ 38 TJ Leslein Dubuque
DNS 52 Pat Coleman Dubuque

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