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Yankee Story
Posted on September 17, 2006 at 12:51:13 pm

Yankee Dirt Track Classic 2006







Denny Eckrich scores his third Yankee dirt track classic win:




By: Sam Steiner







            Brain Harris took the race lead with Jeremiah Hurst and Denny Eckrich running side by side for second position on the first lap of the hundred lap race.  Two laps into the race the crowd saw a seven car pile up on the backstretch bringing out the first caution of the night. Harris continued to lead with three and four wide racing behind him. Around lap five the front runners were single file. Harris was quickly making his way around the track when he meet up with the tail end of the field at lap twenty. After a lap 25 restart Eckrich moved his way around Hurst for the second position. Harris and Eckrich put their cars side by side at the flag stand but Harris had the edge over Eckrich. Bad luck hit Hurst who was running in third position, driving up into the turn four wall on lap 55, a caution was called.  Dan Schlieper gained second place from Eckrich after a lap 63 restart for a caution for fifth place runner Andy Eckrich. Schlieper’s run in second didn’t last long when Eckrich took back over second position on lap 68. Harris lead came to a end on lap 72 when Eckrich took over the lead. Harris didn’t give up till the checkers flew on the lead. Eckrich scored his third Yankee dirt track classic win over Harris, Schlieper, Chris Simpson, and Steve Boley. Both Nick Anvelink and Johnny Spaw showed impressive runs from starting at the end of the field after entering through the auto acres race.




            The Auto Acres Non-Qualifiers feature saw 24 cars take the green in the hopes of finishing in the top two positions to make it into the Yankee.  Johnny Spaw jumped to the early lead.  As Spaw continued to lead the field, a determined Steve 'Ace' Ihm was coming through the field.  Ihm made the Auto Acres by virtue of winning the last chance race held earlier in the evening.  Nick Anvelink piloted his 1A Late Model through the field and challenged Johnny Spaw for the lead.  After battling for a few laps, Nick Anvelink was able to overtake Spaw for the lead.  The race would end with Nick Anvelink taking the checkers and Spaw settling for second.  Steve Lance Jr. took home third place, Rob Moss fourth and Steve 'Ace' Ihm fifth.  By virtue of finishing first and second, respectively, in the Auto Acres feature, Anvelink and Spaw were offered starting positions in the Yankee Dirt Track Classic, which they both elected to take.




            Larry Herring took the modified race win over local driver Ron Barker. Yet another seven car pile up in turn one was seen on the start of the race. Darrin Duffy took the early race lead. Duffy and Herring ran side by side in one and two. Herring took over the lead on lap three. Herring had a huge lead over Barker but was cut short by a lap 21 caution for Mark Schulte. Jason Scheuller zoomed past Ken Kostenbader on the restart for third position. On the white flag lap a caution was called for pile-up bringing out the yellow and checkered flag giving Herring the win over Barker, Schueller, Darren Walch, and Kostenbader.




            Hotshot Jim Brokus took the early race lead of the pro stock feature. Brokus and Ron Klein broke away from the field early in the race. Coming out of turn four Matt Bodman took the lead away from Brokus on lap ten. Bodman began to check out quickly. Sam Harroun took advantage of the restart on lap 14 to get to fourth. Harroun quickly made his way through the field to pass Brokus on lap 18 for second. Bodman took home the win over Harroun, Brokus, Klein and Jeff Valentine.




          Duane Ahman won a caution filled Hobby Stock main event. Ahman took the main event win over Jay Ethridge, Ed McIntyre, Lee Ruff, and Brain Bonney.




            Jason Roth celebrated his B-Modified feature win by doing donuts on the front stretch. Roth took the race lead and never looked back. Matt Christ tried several times to pass Roth for the lead but was unable to complete the pass. Roth took the race win ahead of Tim Current, Christ, Rusty Deshaw, and BJ Schmitt.




            Ryan Federman put his Limited Stock to the lead with Kevin Welter and Brain Kammerude right on his behind. Kammerude was on the move in second position. Kammerude took the race lead away from Federman coming out of turn 2 on lap five. The top three runners started to break away from the remaining field. Kammerude took the race win over Federman, Duane Toay, Jeff Willis and Larry Schultz.




            Right off the bat a side by side battle took place for the Farley Flyer race lead between John Flury and Becky Roth. Roth took the lead with a caution close by. On the restart a three way battle for the lead arose with Flury, Roth and Chuck Schmitz in turn two, Flury gained the lead by a nose over Schmitz. On lap three Schmitz and Jake Bloomer put on a battle for the fans for second place. Bloomer tried in turn 4 lap after lap to get the lead from Flury but couldn’t pull it off. On lap 11 bad luck struck Bloomer when his flyer slowed up. Flury took home the tall Yankee trophy. Finishing behind Flury were Roth, Schmitz, Brain Beschen, and Matt Stagman.











Late Model Yankee Dirt Track Classic (100 Laps)




  1. Denny Eckrich


  2. Brain Harris


  3. Dan Schlieper


  4. Chris Simpson


  5. Steve Boley


  6. Brady Smith


  7. Dan Shelliam


  8. Nick Anvelink


  9. Johnny Spaw


  10. Steve Johnson


  11. Tim Lance


  12. Craig Jacobs


  13. Denny Woodworth


  14. Matt Furman


  15. Curt Martin


  16. Jeff Tharp


  17. Andy Eckrich


  18. Nick Marloff


  19. Trent Folmer


  20. Jeremiah Hurst


  21. Darren Mish


  22. Rick Wendling


  23. Simpson


  24. Ron Barker


  25. Scott Lemke


  26. Dave Eckrich





Late Model Auto Acres




  1. Nick Anvelink (Went to the Yankee)


  2. Johnny Spaw (Went to the Yankee)


  3. Steve Lance Sr.


  4. Rob Moss


  5. Ace Ihm


  6. Eric Pember


  7. Bobby Moyer


  8. Matt Rodebaugh


  9. Jon Rogers


  10. Jill George


  11. Ed Sanger


  12. Pat Gillespie


  13. Mel Abels


  14. Jerry Lauber


  15. Rory Biermeister


  16. Matt Leibfried


  17. Joel Callahan


  18. Terry Anvelink


  19. Jason Utter


  20. Bob Silaggi


  21. Todd Davis


  22. Troy Cordes


  23. Jason Rauen


  24. Levi Benn


  25. Bob Letts


  26. Jody Metzger


  27. David Swift


  28. Greg Wagner





eCreative Group Late Model Open (40 Laps)




  1. Steve Boley


  2. Andy Eckrich
  3. Curt Martin
  4. Ron Barker
  5. Ace Ihm
  6. Dean Wagner
  7. Johnny Spaw
  8. Ed Sanger
  9. Cam Granger
  10. Joe Zrostlik
  11. Jill George
  12. Cory Biermeister
  13. Jody Metzger
  14. Jason Rauen
  15. Darin Burco
  16. Bobby Moyer
  17. Jeremiah Hurst
  18. Levi Benn
  19. Jon Merfeld
  20. Gary Webb
  21. Brain Harris
  22. Jeff Tharp
  23. Todd Hormel
  24. Steve Johnson
  25. Jerry Miles
  26. Brian Lillie
  27. Cory Booth
  28. Eric Pollard
  29. Rick Wendling





  1. Larry Herring
  2. Ron Barker
  3. Jason Schueller
  4. Darren Walch
  5. Ken Kostenbader
  6. Josh Vinnedge
  7. Robbie Verbeck
  8. Mark Schulte
  9. Mike Burbridge
  10. Brain Culbertson
  11. Steve Johnson
  12. Randy Coughean
  13. Mark Massey
  14. Shane Lewis
  15. Brad Dicreks
  16. Scott Stecher
  17. Eric Glendenning
  18. Jan Messer
  19. Mel Saffran
  20. Rodney Vautsmeier
  21. Steve Wetter
  22. Shane Burbridge
  23. Jerry King
  24. Darrin Duffy
  25. Jim Williams
  26. Randy Less
  27. Mark Whalen
  28. Pete Bonin
  29. Ron Cundiff Jr.
  30. Dennis Betzer
  31. Dan Albright




Pro Stock

  1. Matt Bodman
  2. Sam Harroun
  3. Jim Brokus
  4. Ron Klein
  5. Jeff Valentine
  6. John Maher
  7. Scott Reichers
  8. Joel Callahan
  9. Justin Mitchell
  10. Jeff Kennedy
  11. Keith Kiernan
  12. Jim Sorn
  13. Bruce Schmitz
  14. Matt Crawford
  15. Rod Cameron
  16. Rob Petsche
  17. Bob Bollon
  18. Rich Picha
  19. Dan Welp
  20. Jim Rock
  21. Toby Kuntzel
  22. Tracy Meinders
  23. Jim Ames
  24. Kendall Coates
  25. Jeremy Gengler
  26. Jim Hendricks
  27. Don Reed
  28. Scott Welsh




Hobby Stock

  1. Duane Ahman
  2. Jay Ethridge
  3. Ed McIntyre
  4. Lee Ruff
  5. Brain Bonney
  6. Jon Poll
  7. Mike Potoff
  8. Doug Yates
  9. Shane Oberbroeckling
  10. Wayne Hora
  11. Rick Shenberger
  12. Terry Rittmer
  13. Sheldon Hunter
  14. Brain Brunscheen
  15. Jerry Merkes
  16. TJ Leslein
  17. Tom Turpin
  18. Jarvis Eastlick
  19. Travis Kaiser
  20. Randy Benn
  21. Kelly Welter
  22. Brain Woneik
  23. Joe Dirks
  24. Greg Gill
  25. Roger Knight Jr.
  26. Jake Pettierew
  27. Kasey Lange
  28. Andy Hendrick





1.  Jason Roth
2.  Tim Current
3.  Matt Christ
4.  Rusty Deshaw
5.  BJ Schmitt
6.  Jason Seegmiller
7.  Jeremy English
8.  Nick Nevins
9.  Keith Kiernan
10. Ken Boyes
11. Phil Holtz
12. Jeff Nantz
13. Ron Schilling
14. Bill Campbell
15. Justin Johnson
16. Damian Miller
17. Toby Hartman
18. Al Foht
19. Kirk Saes
20. Jerrett Franzen
21. Levi Benn
22. Todd Moore







Limited Stock







1.      Brain Kammerude




2.      Ryan Federman




3.      Duane Toay




4.      Jeff Willis




5.      Larry Schultz




6.      Jaime Neuhaus




7.      Nic McElmeel




8.      Kevin Welter




9.      Tim Bader




10.  Jessey Brooks




11.  Wes Hames




12.  Ryan Schromen




13.  Lynn Leibold




14.  Tom Pluemer




15.  Jeff Ronek







Farley Flyers







1.      John Flury




2.      Becky Roth




3.      Chuck Schmitz




4.      Brannon Beschen




5.      Matt Stagman




6.      Joey Jorgensen




7.      Bryan Klein




8.      Randy Vandevegte




9.      Dan Kennedy




10.  Ray Spaw




11.  Charlie Nesteby




12.  Brooke Schmitz




13.  Jason Reimer




14.  Travis Nesteby




15.  Larry Mitchell




16.  Jake Bloomer




17.  Shane Marcov




18.  Shawn Ward




19.  Jerrett Gerber




20.  Jeremy Campbell




21.  Dustin Wilwert




22.  Roger Gaul




23.  Curtis Nesteby




24.  Shawn Stackis




25.  Tim Scheider







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