Saturday Yankee Itinerary
Posted on July 29, 2014 at 08:34:06 pm

Saturday   Sept 13
IMCA  Deery Late Model Heats          (10 laps)
IMCA Sport Mod Last Chance             (10 laps)  Top 6 Advance to Feature
IMCA Hobby Stock Last Chance          (8 laps)   Top 6 Advance to Feature
IMCA  HDT  Modifieds Heats               (10 laps)
IMCA Stock Car Last Chance                (10 laps)  Top 6 Advance to Feature
IMCA  Deery Late Model B-Mains       (12 laps)
IMCA  HDT  Modifieds B-Mains           (12 laps)

Opening Ceremonies ,Pizza Redraws and Track Prep

IMCA  Deery Late Model Last Chance           (20 laps) Winner only to Feature
IMCA Sport Mod Feature                     (20 laps)
IMCA Hobby Stock Feature                (20 laps)
IMCA Deery Late Model Feature       (100 laps)
IMCA Stock Car Feature          (20 laps)
IMCA  HDT Modifieds (40 laps)

One hour after completion of the last feature the "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere 200" Enduro will begin, a 200 laps or 2 hours which ever comes. first.