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General Rules

SPI Race Rules and Procedures: General Rules

Disclaimer from the management of SPI:
The rules and regulations set forth are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events, and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events. By participating in the events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of or compliance with these rules. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or Official.

The Track Officials shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptance requirements. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the Officials. Their decision is final.


Officials - Officials are track workers who carry out the wishes of the Promoter and Management. Track Officials have been appointed on their ability to comply with the regulations at SPI. All Officials are required to interpret and administer the rules as contained in this book, impartially and fairly with all competitors. Personal reasons will have no bearing on the written rules. All Officials will operate under the guidance, supervision and decision of the Promoter and Management. They will refer all disputes to Management.

Driver - Person who is engaged in the driving of race cars at an SPI track Must be physically fit and able to pass a test of ability when requested to do so by an Official.  If proof driving ability of any applicant is deemed necessary, tests shall be conducted at the discretion of track Officials and their decision shall be binding on the applicant. When deemed necessary, Officials may insist on a physical examination of any applicant or license holder. Persons under 18 years of age, may be required to have written permission to compete signed by their parents or guardian and witnessed by a notary public. Entrance on to the speedway grounds binds each Driver by the rules as contained in this book. Ignorance of these rules is no excuse for infraction thereof. By entering the speedway grounds, participants agree to comply with the terms of this rule book.

Participants - All persons that enter the property of an SPI track are Participants in the racing program.

SPI and the Officials are deserving of the support and cooperation of all participants. And all participants are urged to assist them in every way possible in order that the well being of all concerned can be progressively bettered.

IMPORTANT - SPI Participants are not employees of SPI, but are independent contractors and assume all responsibility for all charges, premiums and taxes, if any, payable on any funds they may receive as a result of their participation in any events at an SPI track.

Violations of any rules may result in warnings, fines, or suspensions.

Section A - General Rules:

These rules hereby govern the racing procedures at all SPI tracks. All participants, upon entrance of the speedway grounds, will be subject to all rules and regulations as herein set forth and will be expected to abide by them. In the event of any point arising which is not covered by these rules, the Officials of SPI shall have the power to rule as they seem fit and any such decision shall be final.

Promotional - SPI reserves the right to use photos of any participant for promotional purposes. SPI reserves the right to use descriptions of racing activity in the press articles as they seem fit.

Controlled Substances - Drinking of intoxicating beverage by a Driver or his/her crew on the racing premises in advance of, or while competing in any program is strictly forbidden. Any persons who show evidence of having partaken of alcoholic beverage will be required to leave the premises immediately, may be subject to a fine of not less than $250, and may be suspended. Use of illegal drugs at any time shall be cause for immediate, indefinite suspension and/or fine of not less than $250. Anyone deemed under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, or having either in their possession will be immediately suspended. In the event of a violation of a controlled substance, the proper authorities will be called. The Driver is accountable for the actions of his crew.

Attendance Responsibility - In presenting themselves on the speedway grounds, every person must be aware of their responsibility to the sport for their dress and actions.

Crew Members - The Driver shall be the person responsible for the actions of the entire pit crew. The Driver shall be the sole spokesperson for the car owner and pit crew in any and all matters pertaining to the race, and the Driver only shall take part in any arbitration with the Officials in charge.

Conduct - No participant shall subject any Official to abuse or improper language at any time. Every member of the team is a competitor, but we are an entertainment venue, and your conduct individually and as a team toward the fans before, during, and after the races is essential to your and our overall success. Please conduct yourself responsibly. Driver and mechanics agree that the track is in safe condition if they take part in racing activities.

Actions - No participant will take part or participate in any action or activity considered detrimental to SPI. No participant shall participate in fights in the pits or on the racing premises at any time. All participants agree to abide by the Official decisions.

Responsibility - All Drivers, car owners and mechanics assume full responsibility for any and all injuries sustained, including death and property damage, at any time they are on the racing premises. Any driver or crew member injured at an SPI track, must report such incident that night to a track Official. Individual must present a valid pit pass along with details of the incident.

Penalties - Automatic penalties are as follows:

Fighting or demonstrating, First violation, minimum $100 fine and a possible suspension. Second violation - $500 fine and 1 year suspension.

Rough Driving - First violation - sent to rear. Second violation, disqualification from day's racing and forfeiture of prize money and points. Third violation - fine and/or suspension.

Repeated violations of SPI rules. Permanent suspension.

Assault of a SPI Track Official, or management. First violation - fine of no less than $1,000 and/or suspension of Driver or entire crew for no less than one full year. Police will also be notified and charges will be filed.

Admittance - No Driver or crew member may enter the Pit Area until he/she has signed all releases, registrations and/or entry forms. Anybody caught in the Pit Area without a Pit Pass will be subject to a $1,000  fine and/or a one year suspension.

Pit Area Speed - The Speed Limit anywhere in the pits is idle speed only for race cars. NO speeding in pit area at any time, a fine or suspension may be levied.

Fines - Any administered fines must be paid before a participant is allowed to return to the speedway grounds. All money that is collected by fines is added to the Driver Point Fund.

On Track Personnel - No person shall be allowed on the track during a race except the starter, Track Officials, wreckers, fire crew, & ambulance. NO EXCEPTIONS. Anyone caught on the track could result in removal from the pit area, and/or suspension.

Scoring Tower - No person shall enter the scoring tower to question an on-track issue, unless directed to by a Track Official. A fine and/or suspension will be levied. Questions or complaints should be addressed to the Track Officials, and they will relay to the tower if need be. You may visit the Tower with questions or concerns at the conclusion of the racing program.

Driver Responsibility:

Registering - All Drivers, upon arrival at the speedway, are required to register their car with the Officials at the pit gate. Line ups will start 15 minutes prior to hot laps, at that time line ups will be set. Late arrivals may be allowed to compete, but they will start at the tail of the field.

Events - SPI reserves the right to reject the entry of any car, call off any event, change the manner of running any program, call off any race, or change the distance of any event. They are under no obligation to pay out prize money for any race that is not run, or any money position that has not been won by a competitor.

Driver Changes - No Driver changes will be made at any time without previous notification of Officials. All changes must be made in the pits only, at the discretion of Officials. The Driver is qualified and receives points, not the car.  Any Driver wishing to change cars must be qualified to compete in the race for which he/she is changing cars, and must start that race at the rear of the field. Once a Driver has changed to another car, he/she must finish the program in that car. Only cars from that division may be changed, Late Model for Late Model, ect. A car that is changed to another Driver should be renumbered. Any unreported Driver change will result in immediate disqualification and the points earned by both drivers will not be awarded.

Inspection - SPI reserves the right to subject any car to an inspection at any time. They further reserve the right to disqualify any member from competition or any car from competition. It shall be the responsibility of the Driver and crew to tear down a car for inspection when requested to do so by Officials. Failure to comply will result in disqualification and forfeiture of the night's prize money and points.

Race Procedure Rules:

Race Schedule - The number of cars starting each race shall be determined by the Track Officials and shall be determined by the type of the event.

Car Numbers - Each registered car will carry an identification number as assigned by track personnel. It shall be sufficient in size so as to be readily identified by Officials and spectators. Number on doors of car should be in contrasting color from body and be at least 3-inches thick and at least 16-inches high. Any letter designations due to duplicate numbers should be ½ the height of the number. Numbers shall be positioned on both sides, the roof, and the front and back of the car. The number must be of a contrasting color to the general paint scheme of the car so that it is readable under all conditions of light and speed to be legible. If alterations to the car number are needed due to duplicate numbers, the changes should be made on the numbers on all locations.

Lineup Responsibility - The Officials will not be responsible for allowing a late entry to compete. Rejection of entrants at any given time is permitted. Any Driver not ready to compete when called may be sent to the rear of the starting line-up, or left out of the balance of the day's program at the discretion of the Track Officials. There will be no transferring from one Heat to another. Once a race is started on a preliminary line-up lap, disposition of cars not in position shall be at the discretion of Officials.

Stopping A Race - A race may be stopped at the discretion of starters or other Officials at any time they consider it dangerous to continue. But only an Official has the right to stop a race; and no Driver, car owner, pit man or mechanic may use the starter's flags for the purpose of signaling the competitors.

Finishing A Race - No race is official until the Track Officials make the declaration of final scoring of positions in all events. All finishes must be made under the car's own power or momentum.

Alternates - If a Driver is forced to scratch from the Feature race, it must be reported to the Pit Officials. Alternate starters may be used.

Provisional Starting Spots - A provisional starting position will be available after three nights of racing in the current season have been completed. Any competitor in the top 6 in current track points will be granted a provisional stating position in the Feature event. Competitor must attempt to qualify in all available events. Competitor will start behind all qualified cars.

Lineups - Lineups will be posted on the board at scorer tower. It is the Driver's responsibility to be lined up in his proper position prior to the finish of the preceding race. Anyone not in proper position when the Official sends the cars onto the track may be sent to the rear.

Points - All points go to the Driver, not the car.

Courtesy Rule - Any car from another track with minor rule differences may at Management's discretion race on that night, but will be notified of any modifications and will have to be legal on the next visit to the track.

Arguing Calls - No one is allowed to argue any call with Track Officials while a race is in progress. Calls will be made at the best of the Official's abilities, and calls will not be changed. Abusive or improper language by anyone will not be tolerated. Any type of physical assault towards anyone may result in arrest by the Police. NO fighting / unsportsmanlike conduct / verbal abuse, or unprofessional displays will be tolerated. Fines and/or suspension will be levied if necessary to any situation.

Deliberate damage of another's race car. Anybody who purposely hits or damages another driver's car will be fined and/or suspended.

Rough driving complaint - If you feel that a fellow driver is excessively driving rough on multiple occasions on the race track, please report it to the Track Officials. Officials will review all complaints and act as needed.

On Track Rules:

Initial Start - All Initial starts will be in double file order. The Initial Start will be in the middle of Turn Four. The pole position car will set the pace, and it is the outside pole driver's responsibility to keep pace with the leader. After two false starts, one or both cars will go to the rear of the field if guilty of not complying with this rule. Racing may begin as soon as the green flag waves.

Restarts - A restart will take place when at least one lap is officially completed. All restarts will be in double file format, with the leader by himself in the front row and the remainder doubled behind him. Only the driver who is second place in the running order will have the option in all events of choosing the inside or outside lane for the restart. The green flag will be waved for the restart at any point between turns three and four, when the leader accelerates. Racing may begin as soon as the green flag waves.

Pace - The pace to be used for all starts and restarts will be set by the leader. Cars must stay nose to tail and side-by-side. The pace may not be too fast or too slow, as determined by track Officials. A leader who sets a pace that is too slow or too fast or inconsistent, may be sent to the tail of the field.

Passing Before the Start - There will be absolutely no passing until the green flag waves and cars pass the designated orange tire in turn four. If you do pass before the green flag and the designated orange tire, you will bring out a caution and will have to go to rear of field.

Jumping the Start - Cars must stay nose to tail. The designated starting line will be a orange tire on the inside of turn four along with a orange strip on the turn four wall. There will be no pulling out of line prior to this designated starting zone. Any car jumping the start will be penalized two positions, with the penalty enforced at the next caution or at the checkered flag, whichever comes first.

Stopping a Race - If a yellow flag is waved and the yellow light is turned on, drivers are to slow their cars from their racing pace with no racing back to the start/finish line. If a red flag is waved, Drivers are to pull their cars to either the inside or outside of the track, and come to an immediate, yet non-panic stop. This is to allow our Safety Crews to do their jobs. Do not move your car until the yellow light comes back on, or unless told to do so by a Track Official. Restart orders will be in the same manner as for yellow flag periods.

Driver Exiting Car - Any Driver who gets out of their car during a yellow caution period is finished for the race. Track Officials or safety crew members can advise Drivers of any damage to their cars, but can do no work on the cars. The driver must stay with the car, as it is towed back to the pits. Any Driver leaving their race car to argue with Officials will be fined or suspended. In a red flag caution a driver may exit his car and work on it or survey it for damage. The driver may not receive assistance from any crew member.

Work on Cars - There will be no working on cars on the track in a yellow flag stoppage. An Official may check a car for safety reasons. If a car is damaged and there is a piece of it that is danger of falling off, then an Official may only remove that part if possible without the driver being penalized. If he cannot remove that part, or he finds something that must be secured, then the car will be sent to the pits. No exceptions. All work must be done in the pit area. Any car going to the pits will restart at the rear.

Disorderly Conduct - Any disorderly conduct from Driver or crew member toward any Driver or Track Official will be disqualified for the remainder of the night. A second offense will be disqualification from all events for a period of one calendar year.

Caution Limit - Any car charged as being involved in two cautions periods in any event may be sent to the pits at Official discretion. Any car causing two solo cautions will be sent to the pits. If a car spins and intentionally waits for a caution flag, you may be sent to the pits at Officials discretion. If you spin please do everything in your power to continue the race as a courtesy to the Fans, your Fellow Drivers, and Crew Members.

Black Flag - "Go to the pits immediately". Report to the Official in the pits. This does not mean automatic disqualification. However, failure to obey black flag will result in disqualification.

Scoring - When the yellow flag comes out all cars must have crossed the line for the lap to count. If all cars do not cross the line before the yellow comes out, we will revert to the last completed lap to line up cars. If the yellow flag comes out after the leader and one other car (either the second place car or a lapped car) has taken the white flag, then that lap may be counted. All cars that passed the line under green (before the yellow flag came out) will get credit for their positions on the new lap. Non-crossing cars that were running on the previous lap will be given credit for the new lap in the order that they were running in the prior lap. Caution cars and cars pitting will be moved to the tail of that lap. The Flagman will radio the tower to let them know the last car that passed under green. There will be no racing to the yellow flag. There will be NO stopping on track to cause delays to racing program, unless it is for safety reasons, or when you are stopped by a track Official. Any car going to the pits and returning to the race will be put in the rear. Cars pitting will line up ahead of caution cars if possible. Cars should stay in single file order under the yellow flag, and track Officials will reline you to your proper position. When the lineup is correct, we will tell you when to form the double file restart formation, and will alert you of when the restart will take place by turning off the yellow caution light. If there is a yellow flag with one lap remaining, a yellow/checkered option may be used.

Scoring Exceptions - The exceptions to the above rule are on the first and last laps of all events. All cars running must have crossed the line under green on the first lap only to officially score Lap 1. If every non-incident car has not passed the line, then there will be a complete restart with no laps complete. If the lead driver has reached the checkered flag, and there is a condition that may normally warrant a caution flag, a Green/White/Checkered finish may be used or there will be a yellow/checkered finish where all cars crossing under green will get their final finishing positions in the event, with the remainder scored as they would be if the event were restarted.

Caution Cars - When a yellow flag is waved, all Drivers will slow down, and remain in position. There will be absolutely NO racing to the yellow flag. Anybody caught racing to the yellow will be put to the tail. Track Officials will put you back in to your proper order. All cars that are ruled as being involved in a caution flag will be put to the tail of the field. If a driver is involved in an incident after the yellow flag has already come out, then that driver will not be charged with the yellow and will reassume their position in the running order. If you spin and continue, and the yellow is thrown for you for safety reasons, you will go to the tail of the field. The call on the caution cars will be a mutual agreement between the Flagman, Spotters, and the Track Officials. These will be judgment calls made by our Officials. Please be assured that the Officials will rule on this as consistently as possible. Do not expect to get your position back, unless official determination is made otherwise.

Lapped Cars - Any lapped cars, cars that are not on the same lap as the leader, will line up behind cars that are on the lead lap.

Driver Reminder - Drivers should exercise patience on the race track. Drivers should respect the other Drivers on the track. Please realize that nobody wants unnecessary and unneeded damage to their cars.

Rough Driving - If two cars make contact which results in one car spinning, and it is ruled that the spin is a result of contact that could or should have been avoided, then both cars will be sent to the rear of the field if a yellow flag is required. If a yellow flag is not required, then the other offending car will be black-flagged. The only instance where a Driver will get their spot back due to contact, is when the Officials are 100 percent certain that the offending action was intentional, or when the offending driver admits guilt for the incident. If it is ruled that the spinning car was already out of shape, or that contact was initiated for other reasons such as track conditions or other drivers; then the hitting car may or may not be charged. The reason for this rule is to deter rough driving when trying to pass, as well as blocking. This will also apply to the last lap even if the caution does not appear, and the final finishing order should be adjusted.

Cars Pitting - Any cars that go to the pit area in any event will be permitted to return to competition. They can return to the track to join the tail of the field only during a yellow flag period. If a car is ready to return to competition when a restart has already taken place, then they will be permitted to reenter the restarted race ONLY when the race Official gives the clearance to do so.

Weighing - You are required to weigh your car after each race, unless the Backstretch Official waves you to the pits. Any cars required to weigh, which do not do so, can face disqualification. Any cars that are under the specified weight will be disqualified and placed last in the finishing order.

On Track Rulings - All decisions made by the Officials will be final.

Changes - The management reserves the right to change the Race Program or Rules at any time to improve the racing program. Any incident or occurrences not covered in these rules will be ruled upon by the track Officials. ANY abuse to any Official (flagman, scorer, announcer, etc.) will not be tolerated. These rules are subject to change when deemed necessary in order to restore equal racing at all times.

Time Limits - At Officials discretion Feature races may be under a 30-minute time limit. Participants will be notified prior to that nights Feature event. Red flag time is not counted against the time limit. If the time limit is reached under the yellow flag, the race will be restarted one final time. When a time limit has been reached, cars will be scored as to where they would have lined up on a restart. There will be no time limit on Late Model events.

Starting Events - If a car is unable to start their event at the original start, they may still join the starting field at any time. A car must appear on the track under its own power to get credit for starting an event.

Special Event Nights - To expedite the racing program on special event nights, any or all of the following modifications may be made; 10 minute time limits for all preliminaries, race time limits of one minute per lap, and single car unassisted spins that result in yellows will bring out black flags.

Excessive Cautions - If a race has been determined as having an overly excessive amount of caution periods, a time limit or final restart rule may be enforced by the Track Officials.

Starting Line-up Procedure:

Registration - Each car must register at the pit gate as it arrives on the speedway grounds.

Qualifying Heat Races - The Head Scorer will determine the number of Qualifying Heats to be run for the evening. Cars are then placed in order for the Heat races based on a yearly average. Cars arriving late may or may not account for changes, at the discretion of the Track Officials.

Alternates - In the event that a car is unable to start the Feature race, an alternate starter may be added if time permits.

Race Distances - Lap distances are subject to change at the discretion of the Officials.

Feature Points - Feature points will be awarded in the following fashion.

1.	40
2.	39
3.	38
4.	37
5.	36
6.	35
7.	34
8.	33
9.	32
10.	31
11.	30
12.	29
13.	28
14.	27
15.	26
16.	25
17.	24
18.	23
19.	22
20.	21
21.	20
22.	19
23.	18
24.	17