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Suzuki 4 wheeler that Wilwert's has provided SPI for race track and  tee shirt shoot each night. The Suzuki Fun Gun provided by Wilwert's Inc.

Miller, Hansen share Dubuque victories

DUBUQUE, Iowa (June 24, 2001) - Race fans were treated to pair of NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Late Model feature events that spanned a generation as young gun Darren Miller and Eastern Iowa Legend Curt Hansen shared victory lane on Sunday June 24th at the Dubuque Speedway.

Miller grabbed the early lead during the first feature event, rained out from June 17th, after the first lap, quickly opening up a huge lead while the rest of the pack fought for position behind him. With the first 23 laps going without a caution, Miller opened over a half of a lap lead while slicing through traffic. Helping his cause was a great duel for second between the father son team of Gary and Brian Webb. Gary had just nosed ahead of his son when the events only caution flag flew on lap 23. A two lap shootout between Miller in the lead and the 2000 NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Champion Webb failed to materialize when Miller shot out of the second corner with a comfortable lead when racing resumed. Brian Webb finished a career-best third ahead of second place points Denny Eckrich and Duane Coulson.

Curt Hansen proved that the torch isnít ready to be passed to the young guys yet in the regularly scheduled feature. Capturing a Late Model feature event in his fifth straight decade starting in 1964; Hansen used all of his experience to stay ahead of Miller in the second feature. Starting on the pole, Hansen jumped out to the early lead while Miller carved his way to the front from his eighth place start. Steve Johnson and Coulson battled for the runner up spot for the first half of the race, while Miller worked is way to the front. Catching the pair on lap fifteen, Miller overtook the second position one lap later and began closing in on the leader. Better in the first two turns of the high-banked clay oval, Miller quickly eliminated Hansenís lead and was able to pull alongside several times. Not giving up, Hansen found a quicker line on the other half of the racetrack to hold back Millerís charge before a lap 23 yellow slowed the action. As the field resumed racing for a green/white/Checkered finish to the race, Hansen stayed true to the top of the racetrack while Miller pulled alongside underneath. Not until the duo exited the fourth corner with the white flag waving was Hansen able to reclaim the lead, pulling ahead and eventually finishing two car lengths ahead of Miller, with Johnson, Ace Ihm and Luke Merfeld rounding out the top five.

Jason Schueller used the topside of the racetrack and a front row starting position to claim the Modified feature win. Ryan Dolan made Schueller work for his win, spending the last ten laps of the race glued to the leaderís rear bumper. Ron Barker finished third ahead of Bob Dominacki and Scott Nesteby. Dan Shelliam made a clean sweep of the Pro Stocks; capturing both the make up and regularly scheduled feature events. Shelliam chased down early leader Jim Brokus in the first feature, working his way up from seventh to make the race-winning pass in the final corner of the race while the event went green to checkered non-stop. Jeff Tharp also got past to claim second, with Brokus finishing third ahead of Bruce Van Gordon and Tommy Garner. The regular feature saw Shelliam take the lead much earlier, after he shot underneath Skip Culbertson following a lap four restart. Unchallenged until the final lap, Shelliam held off a late charge by Rich Pica. Jeff Kennedy crossed the stripe third ahead of Brokus and Tharp. Terry Merkes bested Scott Riechers and TJ Leslein in the Hobby Stocks while Russ Yonkovic prevailed in Fun Car action.

Racing action continues this Sunday June 30th at the Dubuque Fairgrounds Speedway. First up on the schedule will be the make-up features for the Hobby Stock and Modified divisions, with a full regular show to follow. Hot Laps are scheduled for 6 pm with racing to follow. Raceday information and instant results can be found on your local McLeod USA InTouch Directory categories #3741 and 3740. For more information, contact Simmons Promotions at 563-744-3620 or online at www.simmonspromotionsinc.com.

LATE MODELS (make up from June 17th)
1. 32d Darren Miller Chadwick IL
2. 56 Gary Webb Blue Grass
3. b56 Brian Webb Davenport
4. 50 Denny Eckrich Coralville
5. 44 Duane Coulson East Dubuque IL
6. 54 Ryan Dolan Lisbon
7. 11 Ace Ihm Hazel Green WI
8. 21 Luke Merfeld Dubuque
9. 87 Clint Hines Taylor Ridge IL
10. 98.1 Bobby Hansen Dike
11. 79 Darren Mish Cassville WI
12. 41j Jeremiah Hurst Dubuque
13. 35 Dave Englekens Clinton
14. 9 Curt Hansen Dike
15. 61r Jon Rogers Freeport IL
16. 95 Ed Sanger Postville
17. b27 Bob Silaggi Freeport IL
18. 33 Dan Galant Davenport
19. 77j Steve Johnson Camanche
20. 1m Rob Moss Iowa City
21. 71 Tom Schony Freeport IL
22. 1b Kevin Miller Freeport IL
23. 37 Rollie Frink Davenport
24. 27 Ed McGuire Monroe WI

8 Mark Merfeld Dubuque

LATE MODELS (regular feature)
1. 9 Curt Hansen Dike
2. 32d Darren Miller Chadwick IL
3. 77j Steve Johnson Camanche
4. 11 Ace Ihm Hazel Green WI
5. 21 Luke Merfeld Dubuque
6. 56 Gary Webb Blue Grass
7. 50 Denny Eckrich Coralville
8. 33 Dan Galant Davenport
9. 98.1 Bobby Hansen Dike
10. 37 Rollie Frink Davenport
11. 61r Jon Rogers Freeport IL
12. b56 Brian Webb Davenport
13. 27 Ed McGuire Monroe WI
14. 71 Tom Schony Freeport IL
15. 87 Clint Hines Taylor Ridge IL
16. 44 Duane Coulson East Dubuque IL
17. 35 Dave Englekens Clinton
18. 79 Darren Mish Cassville WI
19. 54 Ryan Dolan Lisbon
20. 95 Ed Sanger Postville
21. 41j Jeremiah Hurst Dubuque
22. 1b Kevin Miller Freeport IL
23. b27 Bob Silaggi Freeport IL

1m Rob Moss Iowa City

1. 3 Jason Schueller Dubuque
2. 16 Ryan Dolan Lisbon
3. 37b Ron Barker Dubuque
4. 5d Bob Dominacki Bettendorf
5. 74 Scott Nesteby Asbury
6. 10 Jed Hurst Hazel Green WI
7. b1 Jeffery Larson Freeport IL
8. g1 Mike Garland Morrison IL
9. 89 Tom Pestka Dubuque
10. d1 Rich Smith Bettendorf
11. 18b Gus Hughes Monticello
12. 2 Tim Pettigout East Dubuque IL
13. 27 Mark Schulte Delhi
14. 39 Bob Bollen Freeport IL
15. 63 Scott Olson Preston
16. 15 Sean Rupp Dubuque
17. 11 Mike Burbridge Delhi
18. 24m Jan Messer Manchester
19. 76 Matt Mish Cassville WI
20. 33w Steve Wetter Platteville WI
21. 2b Brett Fosdyk
22. 20 Cory Burmeister Glen Haven WI
23. 4 Jerry Miles Dubuque
24. 00 Cory Hallahan Dubuque

PRO STOCKS (make up feature from June 17th)
1. 16 Dan Shelliam Hazel Green WI
2. 12 Jeff Tharp Dubuque
3. 35 Jim Brokus Dubuque
4. 71 Bruce VanGordon Dubuque
5. 43g Tom Garner East Dubuque IL
6. 22 Jeff Valentine Dubuque
7. 25 Bobby Moyer Dubuque
8. 18 Brian Culbertson Dubuque
9. 2k Jeff Kennedy Dubuque
10. 17 Jim Rymanz
11. 20 Ty Kleiner Potosi WI
12. 91 Rich Pica Prarie Du Chein WI
13. 71s Kevin Schroeder Low Moor
14. 78 Bobby Goerdt Dubuque
15. 88 Duane Roth Dubuque
16. 4 Kevin Duerr Scales Mound IL
75 Duane Wagner Dickeyville WI

1. 16 Dan Shelliam Hazel Green WI
2. 91 Rich Pica Prarie Du Chein WI
3. 2k Jeff Kennedy Dubuque
4. 35 Jim Brokus Dubuque
5. 12 Jeff Tharp Dubuque
6. 22 Jeff Valentine Dubuque
7. 20 Ty Kleiner Potosi WI
8. 18 Brian Culbertson Dubuque
9. 25 Bobby Moyer Dubuque
10. 71 Bruce VanGordon Dubuque
11. 71s Kevin Schroeder Low Moor
12. 78 Bobby Goerdt Dubuque
13. 4 Kevin Duerr Scales Mound IL
14. 88 Duane Roth Dubuque
15. 13 Dennis Pergande Dubuque
16. 17 Jim Rymanz
17. 90 Bo Rickard Plattville WI
18. 43g Tom Garner East Dubuque IL

1. 8k Terry Merkes Farley
2. 61r Scott Reichers Belmont WI
3. 38 TJ Leslein Dubuque
4. 20x Jarvis Eastlick Platteville WI
5. 97 Jeff Reinert Farley
6. 33 Jim Turpin Shullsberg WI
7. 52 Pat Coleman Dubuque
8. 20 Dan Albright Lisbon
9. 98 Duane Ahmann Epworth
10. 30 Mark Massey Farley
11. 6 Jed Freiburger Dubuque
12. 13 Larry Benn Dyersville
13. 81 KC Ansel Dubuque
11 Jason Brimeyer

1. 38 Russ Yonkovic Dubuque
2. 7 Chad Hallahan Dubuque
3. 6r Mike Rymarz
4. 44 BJ Schmitt Dubuque
5. 11p Tom Pluemer Dickeyville WI
6. 26 Brian Strang Dubuque
7. 66 Brad Strang Dubuque
8. 12 Jeremy Gengler
9. 6 Todd Moore Dubuque
10. 11 Ann Brown Dubuque
11. 20 Mike Wild Dubuque
12. 64 Ray Fawcett Benton WI
13. 89 Kelly Welter Farley

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