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Suzuki 4 wheeler that Wilwert's has provided SPI for race track and  tee shirt shoot each night. The Suzuki Fun Gun provided by Wilwert's Inc.


April 7, 2001 Results

Sophomore driver Duane Coulson ushered in a new era of racing in Eastern Iowa on Saturday by capturing the West Liberty Spring Championships on Saturday April 7, Simmons Promotions INC first ever event. Fifty drivers Late Model drivers signed in for the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series event.

Coulson started the event behind polesitter Tom Cannon, narrowly escaping disaster when Cannon looped his car in the first corner of the race, causing a huge pileup that eliminated last years Spring Championship victor Kurt Stewart and front runner Steve Boley. Dave Eckrich inherited the pole for the restart and made the most it, jumping out to big lead ahead of Steve Johnson, Coulson and Terry Neal while Birkhofer picked his way through traffic from eleventh on the initial start. Coulson eventually slipped back in the fourth position before beginning his charge back to the front, passing Neal for the second spot around lap sixteen. Six laps later Eckrich saw his comfortable lead shrink when he began encountering lapped traffic, allowing Coulson to close and pull alongside by lap thirty. Pulling alongside several times during the next several laps, Coulson waited until he had a clear track in front of him to sneak underneath Eckrich for the lead coming off of the second corner of the 34th circuit. Birkhofer used the same lapped traffic to advance to the third position on lap 33 and second two laps later as Eckrich began a slide backwards that would eventually see him slow with a flat left rear tire on lap 41. Terry Neal retired his car while running third during the ensueing caution flag, advancing Kyle Berck into the postion for the restart. Coulson, Birkhofer and Berck ran away during the last nine laps, with Birkhofer applying very heavy pressure for the lead at the end, finding the faster way through the first and second corners but falling back on the other end of the speedway every time. The leaders touched several times with Birkhofer able to get his nose underneath but far enough to complete the pass. Coulson survived one last bonzai attempt for the lead on the white flag lap when Birkhofer drifted wide to get a run on the outside down the backstretch before slipping slightly coming off of turn two, ending his chance at victory. Berck held on to the third spot at the checkered ahead of fourth place Darren Miller, veteran Rick Wendling clawed his way from the 23rd starting position to finish fifth.

Scott Megonigle took home the Miller Time Modifieds trophy in a race that was also marred by a first corner spinout by the pole sitter. Rick Hixson looped it in front of everyone, turning the racetrack into a parking lot involving almost the entire field. When racing finally got underway Darrall Brick jumped to a huge early lead ahead of Jason Schueller, Megonigle Russ Olsen and Robbie Verbeck. Verbeck retired early in the race with motor troubles while Olsen eliminated Brick's lead by clipping an implement tire used to mark the inside of the racetrack, bringing out the caution on lap five. Megonigle was able to get underneath the leader several times after the restart but was unable to complete the pass until eight laps later when Brick slipped up the track slightly exiting the second corner. Unchallenged for the remainder of the event, Brick posted the easy win while Ryan Dolan made things exciting by advancing from sixteenth at the start to race Brick and Schueller for second during the closing laps. Dolan dove underneath Brick for the runner up spot on lap seventeen but ran out of time to challenge for the lead. Brick held on for third spot ahead of Schueller and Terry Walker

Matt Gilchrist advanced from sixth to the lead during the first two laps of the Pro Stock feature event, to post the easy win ahead of pole sitter John Maher, rookie Andy Eckrich, Rusty Daufeldt and Chad Simpson. Stan O'Brien used an outside pass on leader Jeremie Thompson on the fourth lap to take home the Bomber honors. Thompson held on to second ahead of Bub Erwin, James Rock and Matt Fulton.

Racing action continues at the West Liberty Raceway this Saturday night, April 15th. Hot Laps are scheduled for 6:30 pm with racing to follow. For more information, please contact Simmons Promotions at 563-744-3620 or on the internet at www.SimmonsPromotionsInc.com. For race day updates and instant results upon completion please call your local McLeod USA InTouch directory category #3740.


1. 44 Duane Coulson, East Dubuque IL
2. 15b Brian Birkhofer, Muscatine
3. 14 Kyle Berck, Marquette NE
4. 32d Darren Miller, Chandwick IL
5. 78 Rick Wendling, Hazelton
6. 77j Steve Johnson, Camanche
7. 56 Gary Webb, Blue Grass
8. 45 Mike Klinkkammer, West Branch
9. 77 Kurt Kile, West Liberty
10. 12 Ray Guss Jr., Milan IL
11. 13k Denny Petersen, Tipton
12. 7 Andy Nezworski, Davenport
13. 1k John Anderson, Omaha NE
14. 50 Denny Eckrich, Coralville
15. c4 Lee Seydel, Iowa City
16. 88 Kevin Kile, West Liberty
17. 33g Dan Galant, Clinton
18. 58 Dave Eckrich, Coralville
19. 3 Mike Collins, Omaha NE
20. 54 Ryan Dolan, Lisbon
21. 8m Mark Ward, Muscatine
22. 12n Terry Neal, Ely
23. 32 Tom Cannon, Iowa City
24. 74 Ron Boyse, Kalona
25. 63 Rob Kirchner, Donnellson
26. 51 Matt Furman, Iowa City
27. 26 Steve Boley, West Liberty
28. 33 Kurt Stewart, Ainsworth

DNS 11 Steve Ihm Hazel Green WI
DNS 28 Jeff Bair Solon
DNQ 21h Brian Harris, Davenport
DNQ 26b Wayne Brau, Annawan, IL
DNQ 3t Todd Davis, Iowa City
DNQ 1m Rob Moss, Iowa City
DNQ 87 Clint Hines, Taylor Ridge IL
DNQ ez33 Nick Marolf, Moscow
DNQ 69 Todd Hormel, West Liberty
DNQ 70 Brandon Hennick, Central City
DNQ 79 Darren Mish, Cassville WI
DNQ 37b Troy Bruder, Rock Falls IL
DNQ 6 Jay Chenoweth, Wapello
DNQ 25 Mike Beuter, Tipton
DNQ 66 Fred Remely, Blue Grass
DNQ 35 David Englekens, Clinton
DNQ m32 Marty Beckler, Hills
DNQ 31 Brian Morgan, Muscatine
DNQ 2 Monte Ohrt, West Branch
DNQ 23d Dana Wells, Moscow
DNQ 68 Vic Lovejoy, Omaha NE
DNQ 32c Chad Holladay, Wilton


1. m2 Scott Megonigle, Cedar Rapids
2. 16 Ryan Dolan, Lisbon
3. 22 Darrall Brick, West Branch
4. 3 Jason Schueller, Dubuque
5. 12 Terry Walker, Riverside
6. 64 Bret Frieden, Cedar Rapids
7. 9 Richard Steadman, Hiawatha
8. 2h Rick Hixson, Orion IL
9. 1 Dan Chapman, Clarence
10. 9z Mike Zogg, New Liberty
11. 4d Marty Diercks, Davenport
12. 19 Terry Lawson, New Liberty
13. 30 Gus Hughes, Monticello
14. 34 David Hemsted, Lone Tree
15. d56 Mike Dains, Iowa City
16. 71z Raymond Partida, West Liberty
17. 007 Brian Sexton, West Branch
18. 2 Jim Vest, Wellman
19. 10 Jed Hurst, Hazel Green WI
20. 18 Matt Ruess
21. b3 Russ Olsen, Cedar Rapids
22. 60 Robbie Verbeeck, Annawan IL
23. 96 Larry Herring, Lone Tree
24. 42 John Brumely, Muscatine
25. 44 Wade Lee, Davenport
26. 37 Todd Stoolman, West Branch

DNQ 15 Allen May,
DNQ v8 Terry Murphy, Iowa City
DNQ 55 Scott Stecher, Muscatine
DNQ 2c Greg Chapman, Dubuque
DNQ 7 Mik Thomas
DNQ 2b Brett Fosdyck


1. 1 Matt Gilchrist, Grandview
2. 69 John Maher, West Branch
3. 56 Andy Eckrich, Cosgrove
4. 2r Rusty Daufeldt, Blue Grass
5. 25 Chad Simpson, Muscatine
6. 62 Norman Bean, Muscatine
7. 16 Dan Schelliam Hazel Green WI
8. 12 Jeff Tharp, Dubuque
9. 9z Dan Werner, Muscatine
10. 17 Gary Beuter, Tipton
11. 20 Ty Kleiner Belmont WI
12. 84 Travis Cook, Cedar Rapids
13. 71 Kevin Schroeder, Low Moor
14. 60 Matt Brockert, Muscatine
15. 00 Jerome Gray, Muscatine
16. 36 Jason Gingrich, West Liberty
17. 5 Dustin Davidson
18. 7 Dale Franklin, Marion
19. 77 Darrin Plett, Davenport
20. 30 Dan Brockert, Muscatine
21 29 Bruce Miller


1. 0 Stan O'Brien, Muscatine
2. 57j Jeremey Thompson, West Liberty
3. 66 Jason Erwin, Muscatine
4. 40 James Rock, Muscatine
5. d1 Matt Fulton, Blue Grass
6. 97 Robert Barnes
7. 92 Tim Zeman, Muscatine
8. 1 Orlen Stark, Muscatine
9. 99 C.J. Ormsby, West Liberty

DNS 0b Matt Bodman, Muscatine
DNS 7m Jeff Murphy, West Liberty
DNS 21 Todd Hansen, Muscatine
DNS 29 Dave Wada
DNS 9 Dave Elliot, Muscatine

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