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Dave Eckrich Takes $6,000 Bud Shootout Win At Dubuque Speedway July 7, 2002



The Holiday Budweiser Open Late Model Shootout swing wrapped up on Sunday, July 7th with racing action at the Dubuque County Fairgrounds Speedway. A first time winner took the checkers in the 50 lap main event, Dave Eckrich drove his Grove powered Precision Performance late model to the win.


Eckrich qualified for the outside front row by taking second to Brian Birkhofer in the Hollywood Graphics fast dash. Eckrich put his car on the top side of the high banked 3/8 mile track and fought off the constant challenges of Birkhofer the entire 50 laps. Birkhofer took the lead on the 40th lap but his move was erased due to a caution. The last ten laps was a real nail biter as Eckrich and Birkhofer circled the track practically glued together. Neither driver was able to gain any advantage, the margin of victory was less than ˝ a car length at the checkers. Eckrich said in victory lane” we were running so close that at times you couldn’t have put a piece of paper between us, but Brian is a professional racer and he raced me clean the entire way.” While the battle for the lead went on several other battles for position went on throughout the field. Local favorite Darren Mish won a heated battle for third coming from an 8th position start to cross under the checkers ahead of a very strong Darren Miller. Ray Guss Jr. rounded out the top five. Miller, Duane Coulson and Gary Webb won the Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation qualifying heats. The Hollywood Graphics fast dash went to Birkhofer. The consolation race was won by Jeff Laue.


Modified point leader Jason Schueller advanced form a sixth row start to win his second feature of the season at the Dubuque Speedway. Schueller fought off several late race charges by Ron Barker in scoring the win. Ryan Dolan took third ahead of Mark Schulte.


The NASCAR Pro Stock feature had a first time winner make his way to victory lane, Jeff Reinert won his first ever main event since moving up from the hobby Stock division. Reinert won the late race battle with Bobby Moyer in taking his rookie season Pro Stock win. Jeff Tharp followed Moyer across the line in third.


The Hobby Stock feature win went to Steve Dunkel driving a car owned by Jeff Reinert. Dunkel took the checkers by a few feet over Jerry Merkes. The two drivers swapped the lead back and forth on the white flag lap with Dunkel winning the race off of turn four to the checkers. Larry Benn crossed the line in third.


Brad Klaas won his first ever Farley Flyer feature topping a 20 car starting field. Klaas held off Joe Sarazin at the checkers for the win and the beautiful trophy that went with the win.  


The NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge will be back in action on Sunday, July 14th with race time set for 6:30 p.m. a the Dubuque County Fairgrounds Speedway.


Budweiser Open Late Model Shootout

Race Results 7/7/02


Farley Flyers Feature

  1. 3x Brad Klaas-Lancaster, WI

  2. 8 Joe Sarazin-Dubuque

  3. 31 Jason Roth-Hazel Green, WI

  4. 38 R.J.Simon-Farley

  5. 66 Tony Brimeyer-Dubuque

  6. 17 Randy Leehan-Apple River, IL

  7. 14 Levi Benn-Dyersville

  8. 99.3 Loras Feldman-Farley

  9. 68 Steve Stackis-Dubuque

  10. 21m Bill Flynn-Dubuque

  11. 11 Tyler Hardy

  12. 69 Becky Roth-Cuba City, WI

  13. 21W Dustin Wilwert-Dubuque

  14. 01 Damien Miller-Dubuque

  15. 75 Chad Nadermann-Farley

  16. 21k Danny Kennedy-Dubuque

  17. 95 Deb McNabb-Maquoketa

  18. 1T Mark Thul-Dubuque

  19. 38 Bryan Melocarro-Dubuque

  20. 55 Brian Kammerude-Hazel Green, WI

Top 12 in Track Points Did Not Run Qualifying Heats


NASCAR Hobby Stocks



  1. 97 Steve Dunkel-Worthington

  2. 8K Jerry Merkes-Farley

  3. 13 Larry Benn-Dyersville

  4. 98 Jason Rauen-Farley

  5. 81 K.C. Ansel-Dubuque

  6. 28 Ed McIntyre-Delhi

  7. 59 Mike Hughes-Galena, IL

  8. 89 Kelly Welter-Dubuque

  9. 44x Mike Lynch-Platteville, WI

  10. 83 Rob Petsche-Centralia

  11. 44 B.J. Schmidt-Dubuque

  12. 6 Jed Frieberger-Dubuque

  13. 33 Jim Turpin-Shullsburg, WI

NASCAR Pro Stocks



  1. 97 Jeff Reinert-Dyersville

  2. 25 Bobby Moyer-Dubuque

  3. 12 Jeff Tharp-Dubuque

  4. 20 Ty Kleiner-Potosi, WI

  5. 16 Dan Shelliam-Hazel Green, WI

  6. 56 Andy Eckrich-Cosgrove

  7. 35 Jim Brokus-Dubuque

  8. 1 John Walker-Cedar Rapids

  9. 22 Jeff Valentine-Dubuque

  10. 18 Skip Culbertson-Dubuque

  11. 2K Jeff Kennedy-Dubuque

  12. 71 Kevin Schroeder-Low Moor

NASCAR Modifieds



  1. 3 Jason Schuller-Dubuque

  2. 37 B Ron Barker-Dubuque

  3. 16 Ryan Dolan-Lisbon

  4. 27 Mark Schulte-Delhi

  5. 33 Steve Wetter-Platteville, WI

  6. 74 Scott Nesteby-Dubuque

  7. 20 Korey Burmeister-Glen Haven, WI

  8. 10 Jed Hurst-Hazel Green, WI

  9. 69 Corey Dripps-Waterloo

  10. 63 Scott Olson-Preston

  11. 5D Bob Dominacki-Bettendorf

  12. 1D Mel Saffran-Dubuque

  13. 15 Sean Rupp-Dubuque

  14. 19 Jim Allen-Dubuque

  15. 92 Tim Zeman-Fruitland

  16. 10 M Steve Marks-Muscatine

  17. 24M Jan Messer-Manchester

  18. 4 Jerry Miles-Dubuque

Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation Late Models

Budweiser Open Late Model Shootout


Heat 1

  1. 32D Darren Miller-Chadwick, IL

  2. 58 David Eckrich-Oxford

  3. 21h Brian Harris-Davenport

Heat 2

  1. 44 Duane Coulson-East Dubuque, IL

  2. 7 Mark Burgtorf-Quincy, IL

  3. 77 Jeff Aikey-Cedar Falls

Heat 3

  1.  56 Gary Webb-Blue Grass

  2. 37B Troy Bruder-Freeport, IL

  3. 15 Brian Birkhofer-Muscatine


  1. 45l Jeff Laue-Burlington

  2. 51 Matt Furman-Iowa City

  3. 87 Clint Hines-Andalusia

Hollywood Graphics Fast Dash

1.      15 Birkhofer

2.      58 Eckrich

3.      56 Webb


50 Lap Bud Shootout



  1. 58 Eckrich

  2. 15 Birkhofer

  3. 79 Mish

  4. 32D Miller

  5. 12  Ray Guss Jr.-Milan, IL

  6. 99D Darrell DeFrance-Marshalltown

  7. 21 Luke Merfeld-Dubuque

  8. 7 Burgtorf

  9. 21H Harris

  10. 77 Aikey

  11. 37b Bruder

  12. 33g Dan Galant-Clinton

  13. 13K Denny Petersen-Tipton

  14. 1m Rob Moss-Iowa City

  15. 87 Hines

  16. 44 Coulson

  17. 56 Webb

  18. 45l Laue

  19. 12n Terry Neal-Ely

  20. 37 Rollie Frink-Davenport

  21. 25 Kerry Hanson-Spencer, WI

  22. 50 Denny Eckrich-Tiffin

  23. 51 Furman

  24. 8 Mark Merfeld-Dubuque

  25. 3 Brad Stewart-Milledgeville, IL

  26. 45 Curt Martin-Independence

Dubuque Fairgrounds Speedway


By: Jerry Mackey

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