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Suzuki 4 wheeler that Wilwert's has provided SPI for race track and  tee shirt shoot each night. The Suzuki Fun Gun provided by Wilwert's Inc.

Local Stars Shine At Farley Speedway Northern All Stars Late Model Special; Birkhofer Takes $7,000 Payday



Friday, July 19th the Farley Speedway hosted the Northern All Stars Late Model Series for a special racing event. 46 of the Midwest’s and the Ohio/Indiana based All Stars Late Model squared off to see who could pick up the win in the 50 lap main event and the whopping $7,000 feature winners purse.


4 Late Model heats and two consolations were run to set the starting field of 24 drivers for the 50-lap feature. The green flag waved with pole sitter Darren Miller taking the point position but he had his hands full with a very strong running David Eckrich. The two local hot shoes raced side-by-side lap after lap as they moved away from the field. The race was slowed only one time and unfortunately it was for a flat right rear tire on the 58 car of David Eckrich. The caution bunched the field on the 36th lap. Brian Birkhofer started the race in the 21st position and had steadily worked his way to the front and was running in the fourth position when the race restarted. Birkhofer moved into second passing Ray Guss shortly after the restart. Birkhofer was able to close in on Miller but it was not until the white flag lap that Birkhofer was able to make the pass in turn one and was able to secure the lead on the back chute of the final lap. Birkhofer led less than one lap on his way to the big win. Miller settled for second ahead of Rick Aukland and Ray Guss Jr. Matt Furman rounded out the top five. An outstanding group of Eastern drivers made the trek to the Farley Speedway for the two days of racing which will also include a Renegade Dirt Car Series race on Saturday, July 20th.   


In the companion feature events on Friday night, Ron Barker continued his dominance of the Farley Speedway in scoring another Modified feature win. Barker started deep in the field but quickly worked to the front taking the lead from Jason Schueller on his way to the win.


Jim Thompson won his first ever Farley Flyer feature win on only his third night of racing at the Farley Speedway. Thompson took the checkers ahead of Jason Roth.


Race Results 7/19/02 




1.        37b Ron Barker-Dubuque

2.        3 Jason Schueller-Dubuque

3.        10 Jed Hurst-Hazel Green, WI

4.        74 Scott Nesteby-Dubuque

5.        24 Randy Less-Hopkinton

6.        4  Jerry Miles-Dubuque

7.        27 Mark Schulte-Delhi

8.        33 Jim Burbridge-Delhi

9.        24M Jan Messer-Manchester

10.     S19 Rich Smith-Davenport

11.     39 Bob Bollon-Freeport, IL

12.     99.3 Ken Kostenbader




1. 91 Jim Thompson

2. 69 Becky Roth-Cuba City, WI

3. 99.3 Mark Jaeger-Dyersville

4. 31 Jason Roth-Hazel Green, WI

5. 00 John Flury-Epworth

6. 14 Levi Benn-Dyersville

7. 10 Alan Niles-Maynard

8. 79 Cliff Schanbeck-Delaware

9. 66  Tony  Brimeyer-Dubuque

10.     21K Danny Kennedy-Dubuque

11.     75 Chad Nadermann-Farley

12.     01 Joe Willis-Farley

13.     38S Kyle Simmons-Farley


Northern All Star Series Late Models


Heat 1

  1. 51Matt Furman-Iowa City

  2. 32L Greg Lucas-Whitesburg, KY

  3. 30 Steve Shaver-Vienna-W.V.

Heat 2

  1. 58 Dave Eckrich-Oxford

  2. 39 Rob Toland-Hillsdale, IL

  3. E1 Mike Balzano-Parkersburg, W.V.

Heat 3

  1. 5 Jay Johnson-West Burlington

  2. 1A Doug Ault-Brownstown, IN

  3. 12 Ray Guss Jr.-Milan, IL

Heat 4

  1. 32D Darren Miller-Chadwick, IL

  2. 11 Steve Ihm-Kieler, WI

  3. S9 Dan Schlieper-Pewaukee, WI

Consolation 1

  1. 45m Curt Martin-Independence

  2. 32 Bob Pierce-Oakwood, IL

  3. 15 Brian Birkhofer-Muscatine

Consolation 2

  1. 50 Denny Eckrich-Tiffin

  2. 9 Billy Drake-Bloomington, IL

  3. 28 Dennis Erb-Carpentersville, IL

 50 Lap Feature

  1. 15 Birkhofer

  2. 32D Miller

  3. 12A Rick Aukland-Zanesville, OH

  4. 12 Guss Jr.

  5. 51 Furman

  6. 50 Eckrich

  7. 58 Eckrich

  8. 39 Toland

  9. E1 Balzano

  10. 32L Lucas

  11. S9 Schlieper

  12. 5 Johnson

  13. 72 John Mason-Millersburg, OH

  14. 11 Ihm

  15. 1A Ault

  16. 20 Steve Barnett-Franklin, IN

  17. 26 Steve Boley-West Liberty

  18. 75 John Gill-Mitchell, IN

  19. 9 Drake

  20. 32 Pierce

  21. 30 Shaver

  22. 45m Martin

  23. 16 Shawn Negangard-Osgood, IN

  24. 28 Erb

Farley Speedway


By: Jerry Mackey

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