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“The Thriller” tops Davenport Bud Shootout

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- The three-day holiday swing for the Bud Shootouts got underway on Thursday, July 3rd with racing on the big ˝ mile at the Davenport Speedway. 41 Bud Open Late Models and 22 Modified drivers took part in the event sponsored by Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation, Hollywood Graphics, Auto Acres Used Parts and T&D Machine.

The Bud Open Late Model shootout 50 lap feature took the green with Hollywood Graphics fast dash winner Steve Boley taking the early lead. Boley led the first 9 laps before Darren Miller was able to move low in turn two and overtake the #26 of Boley. Miller had the field bunched up on him several times due to cautions but each time Miller was up to the challenge and was able to move away to an impressive feature win. Good racing was going on throughout the 50 laps for positions including a hotly contested battle for second as the race passed the midway point. The Eckrich brothers and Boley battled for second before both Denny and Dace Eckrich were able to get by Boley before eventually retiring from the race on lap number 28. Denny and Dave continued their fight for second as Skip Frey joined in. Jeff Aikey joined the battle for second as the laps wound down. Miller was enjoying a comfortable lead, Denny Eckrich was solid in second and the battle for third was the position up for grabs in the closing stages. At the checkers Jeff Aikey got by Skip Frey to take third. Dave Eckrich rounded out the top five.

The Modified feature saw Rich Smith take the lead early before being caught on lap number 7 by Ron Barker. Barker’s lead was very short lived as he retired to the pits for repairs. Barker was able to return to the race without losing a lap. On the restart Rob Verbeck took the lead and went on to lead the remaining 13 laps for the win. Steve Wetter took second a the finish line, Barker battled all the way back to take third ahead of Larry Herring and Jim Sandusky.

The Bud Shootouts will return to the Davenport Speedway one final time in 2003. The final race will be on Labor Day, September 1st.


Bud Open Late Model Shootout
Presented By Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation


Heat 1
1. 148 Steve Lance Jr. -Cuba, IL
2. 37 Rollie Frink-Davenport
3. 12t Jeff Tharp-Dubuque

Heat 2
1. 26 Steve Boley-West Liberty
2. 32D Darren Miller-Chadwick, IL
3. 58 Dave Eckrich-Oxford

Heat 3
1. 50 Denny Eckrich-Tiffin, IA
2. 77 Jeff Aikey-Cedar Falls
3. 56 Andy Eckrich-Cosgrove

Heat 4
1. 3 Josh McGowan-Vinton
2. 56 Gary Webb-Blue Grass
3. 08 Mike Miller-Leaf River, IL

Auto Acres used Parts Consolation
1. 21h Brian Harris-Davenport
2. 75 Billy Tuckwell-Moline, IL
3. 12 Ray Guss Jr.-Milan, IL

Hollywood Graphics Fast Dash
1. 26 Boley
2. 32D Miller
3. 50 Eckrich

Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation 50
1. 32D Miller
2. 50 Eckrich
3. 77 Aikey
4. 3x Skip Frey-Ely
5. 58 Eckrich
6. 45L Jeff Laue-Burlington
7. 25S Chris Smyser-Lancaster, MO
8. 75 Tuckwell
9. 1G Rob Toland-Hillsdale, IL
10. 43 Kurt Stewart-Ainsworth
11. 148 Lance Jr.
12. 56E Andy Eckrich
13. 56 Webb
14. 3 McGowan
15. 08 Miller
16. 21 Luke Merfeld-Dubuque
17. 12 Guss Jr.
18. 26 Boley
19. 51 Matt Furman-Iowa City, IA
20. 23D Dana Wells-Moscow
21. 12t Tharp
22. 5 Jay Johnson-West Burlington, IA
23. 1D Bob Dominacki-Bettendorf
24. 37 Frink
25. 8 Sonny Findling-Kirksville, MO
26. 21h Harris


Heat 1
1. 61 Bruce Hanford-Davenport
2. 60 Rob Verbeck-Anawan, IL
3. 2h Rick Hixson-Orion, IL

Heat 2
1. 37B Ron Barker-Dubuque, IA
2. 8S Rich Smith-Davenport, IA
3. 71 Jim Sandusky-Moline, IL

Fast Dash
1. 60 Verbeck
2. 8 Smith
3. 37b Barker

20 Lap Feature
1. 60 Verbeck
2. 33W Steve Wetter-Platteville, WI
3. 37B Barker
4. 96 Larry Herring-Lone Tree
5. 71 Sandusky
6. 61 Hanford
7. 5D Bob Dominacki-Bettendorf, IA
8. H7 Dean McGee-Galesburg, IL
9. 38 Bryan Benning-Davenport
10. 44x Shaune Lewis-Kewanee
11. 17 James Thompson-Mineral, IL
12. 53 Chris Schulte-Davenport
13. 25 Marty Thompson-Mineral, IL
14. 74 Scott Nesteby-Asbury
15. 3 Jason Schueller-Dubuque
16. 2H Hixson
17. 9Z Mike Zogg-New Liberty
18. 44 Wade Lee-Muscatine
19. 72 Rich Lewis-Kewanee, IL
20. 96b Jason Bahrs-Colona, IL
21. 8 Smith
22. 01m Mitch Way-Davenport, IA

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