Droste Captures “Rumble On The River” Win at Dubuque Speedway

Droste Captures “Rumble On The River” Win at Dubuque Speedway

Dubuque, Iowa: The 2016 racing season at the Dubuque County Fairgrounds Speedway came to an on Saturday night in spectacular fashion as the Mystique Casino presented the “Rumble On The River” featuring the Merfeld Brothers Auto Modifieds. The 75 lap main event brought the curtain down on the 2016 season with outstanding racing, The 44 entries battled for the 24 car starting field with a whopping $3,000 awaiting the feature winner. The main event took the green with local favorite Jed Freiburger pacing the field for the first 30 laps before Freibuger jumped the cushion and made slight contact with the turn 4 retaining wall. Freiburger was forced to the pit are for a tire change, Frieburger returned to the race and battled back to a 16th place finish. On the restart Tyler Droste took over the race lead, a lead that he would not give up despite constant pressure from 16th place starter Justin Kay. Also a major challenger in the 75 lapper was Mark Schulte, who raced in the lead pack the entire distance before settling for third. Droste scored the win and said in victory lane” this is awesome to get this win over this incredible field of drivers.” Droste, Kay,Schulte, Troy Cordes and Joel Rust completed the top five.
The GSI Collision Specialists Sportmod feature win was Tyler Soppe’s 30th win of an incredible 2016 season which included track championships at both the Farley Speedway and the Dubuque County Fairgrounds Speedway. Soppe scored the win in the 30 lap feature on Saturday night by chasing down race leader Troy Bauer and making the winning pass on lap number 20. Bauer took second ahead of Gage Neal, Dalton Simonsen and Austin Heacock.
The Stock Car feature win went to the Shaggin Wagon of Nate Yeager. Yeager’s unique looking Stock Car took the win ahead of Jeff Struck and Tom Schmitt.
The Bakey Seamless Gutters Compact win was very much in doubt until the checkers waved. Brannon Beschen broke out of a four car pack on the white flag lap to score the win in spectacular fashion. Dustin Forbes and Mitch Bielenberg rounded out the top three.
The 2016 racing season has now been concluded at the Dubuque Speedway, the 2017 season is projected to see the first green flag in Mid-April.
Mystique Casino Rumble on the River Results October 1st
Merfeld Brothers Automotive IMCA Modifieds
1. 92 Tyler Droste
2. 15K Justin Kay
3. 27M Mark Schulte
4. 71C Troy Cordes
5. 26J Joel Rust
6. 93 Matt Werner
7. 70 Jesse Dennis
8. 3G Bryce Garnhart
9. 4 Ryan Maitland
10. 33D Scott Hogan
11. 19D Darin Duffy
12. 10 Kaleb Bentley
13. 1 Eric Barnes
14. 21M Tyler Madigan
15. 75M Todd Malmstrom
16. 6 Jed Freiburger
17. 34T Derek Thompson
18. 41P Keith Pittman
19. 1M Austin Moyer
20. 21T Jeff Tharp
21. 3X Ryan DeShaw
22. 38K Jeremiah Hurst
23. B1 Jeff Larson
24. 43V Milo Veloz
25. 33K Kenny Kostenbader
26. 77P Matt Stein
Merfeld Brothers Automotive IMCA Modified Non-Qualifiers
33X Dan Roedl
22H Steve Johnson
9Z Chris Zogg
57B Dennis Betzer
00J JD Auringer
2 Brandon Maitland
5 Josh Lambert
01 John Campbell
21F Nick Firari
75 Lance Arneson
35 Nick Downs
86 David McClain
18 Jerry Luloff
19G Richie Gustin

IMCA Stock Cars
1. 42N Nate Yoerger
2. 4S Jeffery Struck Jr.
3. 18X Tom Schmitt
4. 70 Joe Bonney
5. 4 Jerry Miles
6. 77X Brandon Setser
7. 85 Erick Turner
8. 4D Dustin Wilwert
9. 77 Tim Schneider
10. 42 Bruce Yoerger
11. 64 Dave Hedrick
12. 29 Chance Huston
13. 76 Shawn Flagel
14. 18 Chris Luloff – DNS

GSI Collision Specialists IMCA SportMods
1. 3T Tyler Soppe
2. 9K Troy Bauer
3. 12N Gage Neal
4. 60 Dalton Simonsen
5. 22 Austin Heacock
6. 14X Austin Schrage
7. 16 Geoff Jeche
8. 6M Jake Murphy
9. 7M Matt Short
10. 88N Rob Nylin
11. 61 Logan Rogers
12. 613 Jared Coppejans
13. 75 Bob Silaggi
14. 88 Jayden Fryer
15. 88C Chris Flick
16. 77W Andrew Burk
17. 6R Rusty DeShaw
18. 10A Jacob Arp
19. 11DC Ben Carpenter
20. 02 Travis Fecht
21. 492 Trent Wyssbrod
22. 23 Erik Arensdorf
23. 42 Wes Digman
24. 12T Timmy Current
25. 14D Nick Dempewolf
GSI Collision Specialists IMCA SportMod Non-Qualifiers
24 Matt Bennett
85M Mike Mills
4Q Ed Mills

Bakey Seamless Gutters Compacts
1. 08 Brannon Bechen
2. F79 Dustin Forbes
3. 12 Mitch Bielenberg
4. 83 Dylan Kuhl
5. 3M Brett Marshall
6. 33 Cody Brewster
7. 2T Thomas Ohmert
8. 23 Eric Beau
9. 37W Don Weimerskirch
10. 32 Dylan Flogel

Modified / SportMod Team Payout
1. Troy Cordes / Tyler Soppe
2. Bryce Garnhart / Troy Bauer
3. Jeremiah Hurst / Gage Neal