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Suzuki 4 wheeler that Wilwert's has provided SPI for race track and  tee shirt shoot each night. The Suzuki Fun Gun provided by Wilwert's Inc.

Skip Frey Fights His Way To “Rumble” Win At Dubuque Speedway



Dubuque, Iowa: The 2004 Racing season came to end at the Dubuque Speedway on Saturday night with the running of the 1st annual “Rumble By The River” featuring the Bud Shootout Late Models. The scheduled two day show was reduced to a one day show following heavy rains in the area on Friday. The feature field was set following three heats, two  consolations and the Hollywood Graphics fast dash. Rob Toland earned the pole position start following his victory in the fast dash. When the green flag dropped on the history making 100 lap feature, Steve Boley took command from his outside front row start. The “Rumble” marked the first time ever that a 100 lap feature was contested on the high banked 3/8 mile clay track Dubuque Fairgrounds Speedway. Boley led the first 9 laps before a broken power steering pump sidelined the quick running 26 car. Andy Eckrich led briefly before the high powered #15B of Brian Birkhofer took over the top spot. Birkhofer went on to lead from lap number 11 all the way to lap number 97. Even though Birkhofer led he was not able to shake the 25 car of Kerry Hansen and the 95 of Keith Foss. Both Hansen and Foss were out front of the field in different positions on the track following restarts although Birkhofer was able to regain the lead and be scored as the leader at the start/finish line. With four cars on the lead lap a caution on lap number 97 set up a three lap dash to the finish. Birkhofer was the leader followed by Hansen, Foss and Skip Frey.  When the green flag was waved to restart the race contact was made between Birkhofer and Hansen sending both cars spinning to a stop. By rule the cars involved bringing out the yellow were sent to the back of the lead lap. That put Foss and Hansen side by side on the front row with Hansen and Birkhofer in the third and fourth positions. On the restart Fey took to the top side and stood on the gas as hard as the 3X car would go. Frey led laps 98 and 99 and Birkhofer was running second entering turn number two on the white flag lap and setup a move to take the lead coming out of turn two. Frey held the high line as the two raced side by side down the back chute. Birkhofer dove low into turn four and came off side by side with Frey as the two crossed the finish line with Frey taking the win by ˝ a car length. The 100 lap “ Rumble” provided the fans with lots of wild action throughout the entire 100 laps.  The win was the biggest payday for Skip Frey in his Late Model driving career, earning him a $7,000 paycheck.  Birkhofer finished second ahead of Kerry Hansen, Keith Foss and Chris Smyser. 36 very good Late Model drivers took their shot at winning the 1st annual “Rumble By the River”.


 In addition to the Late Models all support classes ran as a part of the “Rumble’. Jeremiah Hurst drove the number 9 Modified to a very impressive win. Hurst led the race flag to flag in scoring the win over Jason Schueller and Steve Wetter.


 Bobby Moyer recorded yet another feature win in the Pro Stock division by scoring the 15 lap main event win. Moyer took the checkers ahead of Jimy Brokus and Chuck Martelle.


 Jason Rauen recorded his 23rd feature win of the season by topping the Hobby Stock feature. Rauen took the win ahead of Dan Albright and Jason Reichers.


 Jacob Seegmiller scored the B-Modified feature win taking the checkers ahead of Tim Current and Mark Massey.


 Joe Zrostlik scored the Farley Flyer win taking the nice trophy by beating John Flury and Chuck Schmitz to the checkers.



Dubuque County Fairgrounds Speedway Results  10/02/04

Bud Open Late Model Shootout

1st Annual “Rumble By The River”


Farley Flyers



1.      50Z Joe Zrostlik-Long Grove

2.      00 John Flury-Epworth

3.      00S Chuck Schmitz-Dubuque

4.      69 Becky Roth-Cuba City, WI

5.      25 Brian Klein-Cedar Rapids

6.      83 Jeff Willis-Farley

7.      19 Mike Nihles-Lancaster, WI

8.      86 Matt Bennett-Lancaster, WI

9.      57 Don Marcov Jr.-Dubuque

10.   59 Jeff Haas-Dubuque

11.   01J Jeremy Campbell-Dubuque

12.  8 D.J. Laughlin-Davenport

13.   15k Andy Bickel-Wheatland

14.   26 Chad Post-Dubuque

15.  9C Willy Campbell-Dubuque

16.  6R Rusty DeShaw-Farley

17.  74 Jeremy Vasquez-Dubuque

18.  7D Dan Mohr-Lowden

19.   21 Manny Bennett-Benton, WI


Hobby Stocks


  1. 98 Jason Rauen-Farley

  2. 20A Dan Albright-Hiawatha

  3. 67 Jason Reichers-Belmont, WI

  4. 36 Tom Keiffer-Dubuque

  5. 89 Kelly Welter-St Donatus

  6. 76 Don Evans-Pearl City, IL

  7. 11 Jason Brimeyer-Dubuque

  8. 26L Luke Miller-Dubuque

  9. A1 Bryan Wonick-Iowa City





1.      7J Jacob Seegmiller-Dubuque

2.      12T Tim Current-Bernard

3.      85 Mark Massey-Worthington

4.      30 Bob Silaggi-Freeport, IL

5.      0 Jeremy English-Bernard

6.      33 Jarret Franzen-Maquoketa

7.      31 Jason Roth-Hazel Green, WI

8.      99.3 Eric Glendenning-Darlington, WI

9.      86T Shawn Thomas Jr.-Dubuque


Pro Stocks



  1. 25 Bob Moyer-Dubuque

  2. 35 Jimy Brokus-Dubuque

  3. 99 Ken Martelle-LaMotte

  4. 22b Bob Bollon-Freeport, IL

  5. 23 Keith Kiernan-Dubuque

  6. 22 Jeff Valentine-Dubuque

  7. 97 Jeff Reinert-Dyersville

  8. 69 John Maher-West Branch

  9. 59 Mike Hughes-Galena, IL

  10. 71 Kevin Schroeder-Low Moor

  11.  91 Rich Picha-Praire Du Chein, WI

  12. 18 Brian Beaudry-Lost Nation

  13. 12 Jeremy Gengler-Lancaster, WI

  14. S1 Steve Hunter-Hopkinton

  15. 68 Jim Hendricks-Muscoday, WI

  16. Z50 Joe Zrostlik-Long Grove

  17.  75 Duane Wagner-Cuba City, WI

  18. 2K Jeff Kennedy-Dubuque





  1. 9J Jeremiah Hurst-Dubuque

  2. 3 Jason Schueller-Dubuque

  3. 33W Steve Wetter-Platteville, WI

  4. 2C Greg Chapman-Dubuque

  5. 74 Scott Nesteby-Asbury

  6. 77J Steve Johnson-Camanche

  7. 1 Johnny Spaw-Dubuque

  8. G1 Mike Garland-Morrison, IL

  9. 27 Mark Schulte-Delhi

  10. 9Z Mike Zogg-New Liberty

  11.  86 Dave McClain-Potosi, WI

  12. 17  Dawn Krall-Waterloo

  13.  15 Sean Rupp-Dubuque

  14. D12 Andy Dinges-Monroe, WI

  15. 37B Ron Barker-Dubuque


Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation Late Models

Bud Open Late Model Shootout

1st Annual “Rumble By The River”


Heat 1

   1. 56 Andy Eckrich-Cosgrove

   2.   3X Skip Frey-Ely

3. 21H Brian Harris-Davenport


Heat 2

1. 95 Keith Foss-Winona, MN

2.  12T Ron Barker-Dubuque

3.  11 Steve (Ace) Ihm-Kieler, WI


Heat 3

  1. 26 Steve Boley-West Liberty

  2. 15b Brian Birkhofer-Muscatine

  3. 39 Rob Toland-Hillsdale, IL


Consi #1

  1. 45L Jeff Laue-Burlington, IA

  2. 07 Matt Ryan-Davenport

  3. 3 Josh McGowan-Vinton


Consi #2

  1. 54 Mark Curwen-Hazel Green, WI

  2. 21 Craig Jacobs-Freeport, IL

  3. 22 Brenton Slocum-Burlington


Hollywood Graphics Fast Dash

  1. 39 Toland

  2. 95 Foss

  3. 56 Eckrich


100 Lap Bud Shootout “Rumble”


1.      3X Frey

2.      15Bb Birkhofer

3.      95 Foss

4.      Kerry Hansen-Spencer, WI

5.      25S Chris Smyser-Lancaster, WI

6.      56 Eckrich

7.      45L Laue

8.      1M Rob Moss-Iowa City

9.      07 Ryan

10.  3 McGowan

11.   41j Jeremiah Hurst-Dubuque

12.   5M Mike Fryer-Freeport, IL

13.   54 Curwen

14.    21h Harris

15.   56 Gary Webb-Blue Grass, IA

16.  77 Jeff Aikey-Cedar Falls

17.  12t Ron Barker-Dubuque

18.  45 Curt Martin-Independence

19.  38 Gary Crawford-Independence

20.  21 Jacobs

21.  79 Darren Mish-Kieler, WI

22.  22 Slocum

23.   11 Ihm

24.   26 Boley

25.   39 Toland

26.  75 Ray Guss Jr.-Milan, IL

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