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Suzuki 4 wheeler that Wilwert's has provided SPI for race track and  tee shirt shoot each night. The Suzuki Fun Gun provided by Wilwert's Inc.

Bloomquist Brings Home the Bank in Iowa


Farley Speedway

By Brian Dunlap
WoO LMS Public Relations
Farley, IA (May 15, 2004)

One night after racing in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Would of Outlaws Late Model series made the trip to Farley, Iowa to race at 1/2 mile Farley Speedway. This time it was Friday night's second place finisher and series point leader Scott Bloomquist in his Miller Brothers Coal/Hawkeye Trucking/Pro Power/Rayburn Chevrolet Monte Carlo that came away with the win and a check for $10,000.

Starting from the outside front row position, Bloomquist raced the #21 J&J Steel/Hawkeye Trucksales.com Chevrolet Monte Carlo driven by Billy Moyer down the front chute and into turn one. Bloomquist took the lead away from Moyer entering turn two.

On lap three the fourth place #24 Raye Vest Excavating/Rocket Chassis Ford Taurus of Rick Eckert began to emit smoke caused by a hole in the oil cooler. By lap seven, Bloomquist had opened up a 10 car-length over second place runner Moyer. Bloomquist’s lead was unaffected as he entered lap traffic on lap nine.

A caution was brought out on lap 16 due to the #83 Power Motorsports/Baylor Trucking Ford Taurus of Scott James stopping in turn four. Upon the restart Brian Birkhofer made contact with Moyer resulting in front end damage to Moyer's car, causing him to fade back. Also in the restart the fifth place #1* Corry Rubber Corp/Allstar Performance Chevrolet Monte Carlo driven by Chub Frank was able to go low coming off turn two and moved into second place.

Three laps later the caution was brought out again as Eckert discovered his oil leak. Upon the restart Bloomquist opened up a sizeable lead which soon grew to more than 20 car-lengths in front of second place Frank. Third, fourth, and fifth positions were occupied by the #17M Larry Shaw Race Cars/Dover Cylinder Head Grand Prix of Dale McDowell, the #15B Daufeldt Transport/ Simon Racing Monte Carlo of Brian Birkhofer, and the #9S Miller Brothers Coal/Hawkeye Trucking Monte Carlo of Dan Schlieper respectively.

On lap 31 Moyer was forced to drop out from the race due to front end damage inflected to the car earlier in the race. Working his way up from the 17th starting position Darren Miller was able to take the fifth position away from Schlieper on lap 33. On lap 34 Miller worked his way up the line taking fourth position away from Birkhofer, and began to work on McDowell.

The caution was brought out on lap 45 as Shannon Babb made contact with the wall. Upon the restart Miller got around McDowell after making contact damaging the front end of McDowell's ride causing him to fall to 7th position.

The caution was brought out yet again on lap 48, as Schlieper' s wheel broke and came off as the car entered turn four. On the restart Bloomquist went high in turns one and two followed by Miller. Frank was able to pull along side of Bloomquist for the lead, but was unable to hold onto it. Bloomquist pulled away and was leading the race by car-lengths over Miller on lap 50, when he crossed the finish line taking the checkered flag.

"We were holding our own until Darren got around us, the car was too tight and I just couldn't run up on the top side with those guys" remarked third place finisher Frank.

Event winner Bloomquist was impressed with the track stating it was the best he had seen it. "We were real fortunate tonight, we qualified well, won our heat, and finished second in the dash which put us where we needed to start in the main, on the outside," remarked Bloomquist after the main event. "It was the perfect night, we set sail off of the front row and just ran the high groove all night, I want to thank Bob and Barb Miller of Miller Brothers Coal for all of their help."

The World of Outlaws Late Model Series will hold their next event June 19th at Thunder Valley Raceway in Central City, Pennsylvania.


0 SCOTT BLOOMQUIST, 32D Darren Miller, 1* Chub Frank, 15B Brian Birkhofer, 15 Steve Francis, 24 Rick Eckert, 17M Dale McDowell, E1 Mike Balzano, 23 John Blankenship, 44 Clint Smith, 39 Tim McCreadie, 9S Dan Schlieper, 29 Darrell Lanigan, 45 Jeff Lave, 26 Steve Boley, 75 Bart Hartman, 50 Denny Eckrich, 18 Shannon Babb, 12X Steve Ace, 21 Billy Moyer, 12 Rick Aukland, 83 Scott James, 58 Dave Eckrich, 28B Jeff Bair.


24 RICK ECKERT (18.482), 0 Scott Bloomquist (18.588), E1 Mike Balzano (18751), 12 Rick Aukland (18.754), 15B Brian Birkhofer (18.821), 15 Steve Francis (18.863), 26 Steve Boley (18.909), 21 Billy Moyer (18.931), 50 Denny Eckrich (19.036), 39 Tim McCreadie (19.070), 45 Jeff Lave (19.100), 83 Scott James (19.158), 12X Steve Ace (19.229), 17M Dale McDowell (19.314), 28B Jeff Bair (19.331), 1* Chub Frank (19.347), 29 Darrell Lanigan (19.361), 75 Bart Hartman (19.393), 44 Clint Smith (19.407), 9S Dan Schlieper (19.440), 32D Darren Miller (19.494), 25 Kerry Hansen (19.495), 12T Jeff Tharp (19.618), 99 Johnny Johnson (19.665), 21H Brian Harris (19.676), 87 Clint Hines (19.698), 58 Dave Eckrich (19.777), 95 Keith Foss (19.785), 3T Todd Davis (19.809), 18 Shannon Babb (19.951), 17S Greg Crawford (19.951), 28P Greg Peck (19.983), 5 Jay Johnson (20.024), 23 John Blankenship (20.142), 45 Curt Martin (20.162), 77J Steve Johnson (20.182), 20 Tie Kleiner (20.533).

HEAT 1: Brian Birkhofer

HEAT 2: Scott Bloomquist

HEAT 3: Jeff Bair

HEAT 4: Billy Moyer

LAST CHANCE: Darren Miller, Dan Schlieper, John Blankenship, Darrell Lanigan, Clint Smith, 58 Dave Eckrich



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