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Boley Sails To Season Championship Win At Farley Speedway


Farley, Iowa: The NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series presented Greenwoods Grocery Season Championship racing on Friday night August 29th at the Farley Speedway. The night included season championship main events in all six classes plus the two track point fund races in four classes.


The headliner of the night was the 35 lap season championship main event for the Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation NASCAR Late Models. Steve “Ace Ihm” took the lead early and went on to lead the first 7 laps before point leader Jeff Aikey was able to catch Ihm and move by for the lead. Aikey went on to lead until lap 21 when Steve Boley was able to take advantage of a restart and use the low line to shoot into the lead. Boley went on to set sail on the top side of the track and went to score the win . Aikey ran second and secured the 2003 point title in the NASCAR Late Model division. Dana Wells made his second appearance of the season and turned in a great run in taking third ahead of Josh McGowan and Chuck Mayerhofer.


The Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation NASCAR Late Models ran their second half of the two track point fund races and Jeff Aikey took advantage of drawing the number 1 pill and went on to score the $1,000 win over Jeff Tharp and Darren Mish.


Ron Barker put an exclamation point on what has been a terrific Quarter Master Modified season. Barker took the win in the 20 lap feature making his 12th win in 16 starts in 2003 in a very tough Modified class. Barker used only four laps to get to the front and take the lead and go on to score the win over young Mark Schulte. Scott Nesteby, Russ Olson and Dan Bohr rounded out the top five.


Dan Bohr made it two for two in the two track point fund races for the Modifieds. Bohr scored the $650 win over Ron Barker and Jason Schueller.


Bobby Moyer has enjoyed a great two weeks in scoring back to back season championship feature wins in the NASCAR Pro Stock division. Moyer followed up his Dubuque season championship  win with another win on Friday night. Moyer caught race leader Gary Crawford and took over the top spot on lap number 13. Moyer went on to record the 15 lap title win over Crawford and Jim Brokus.


Jeff Valentine has had a disappointing season but seems to be coming on at the right time and scored an impressive win in the two track point fund race for the Pro Stocks. Valentine collected $700 for the win over Ty Kleiner and Bob Moyer.


The B-Modified season championship ten lap feature win went to Troy Burkhart. Following a late race caution Burkhart was able to get out front and go on to take the win over Leon Wilson and K.C. Ansel.


Jim Turpin put a wrap on a great NASCAR Hobby Stock season by winning the Greenwood Grocery ten lap title main event. Turpin led the final three laps emerging from a pack of contenders. Turpin took the checkers ahead of Jason Rauen and B.J. Schmitt.


 Kelly Welter scored the biggest win of his career taking the two track point fund race win and the $400 paycheck. Turpin ran second and Jason Rauen took third.


The ten lap season championship Farley Flyer feature win went to the Dodge Neon of Becky Roth. Becky took over the top spot from Rob Kramer on lap number seven and went on to collect the season championship trophy. Adam Wills crossed the line in second ahead of Jason Roth.


The 2003 track champions being crowned on Friday night were Al Brink in the Farley Flyers, Jim Turpin in the NASCAR Hobby Stocks, Mark Massey in the B-Modifieds, Ty Kleiner in the Pro Stocks, Ron Barker in the Quarter Master Modifieds, and Jeff Aikey in the Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation Late Models.


SPI would like to extend a special thank you to Ed White and Darrel Barklow for all of their hard work in putting together the outstanding Two Track Point Fund program. The point fund will award drivers who participated nearly $30,000 in cash.


The next event at the Farley Speedway will be the 26th annual running of the “Yankee Dirt Tack Classic. The “Yankee” will get underway on Wednesday, September 10th and will run through the 13th being headlined by the 100 lap Bud Shootout “Yankee Dirt Tack Classic” featuring the best dirt tack Late Model drivers in the Midwest.     



Farley Speedway Race Results 8/29/03

Greenwoods Grocery Season Championships


Farley Flyers



Heat 1

  1. 21b Jake Blumer-Manchester

  2. 77 Tim Sampson-Cuba City, WI

  3. 14 Dave Fangmann-Marion



  1. 69 Becky Roth-Hazel Green

  2. 71 Adam Wills-Hazel Green, WI

  3. 31 Jason Roth-Hazel Green, WI

  4. 00 John Flury-Peosta

  5. 50 Joe Zrostlik-Long Grove

  6. 55 Brian Kammerude-Hazel Green, WI

  7. 1 Tim Koppes-Cascade

  8. 68 Steve Stackis-Dubuque

  9. 21k Danny Kennedy-Dubuque

  10. 38k Rob Kramer-Peosta

  11. 14 Fangmann

  12. 77 Sampson

  13. 83 Jeff Willis-Farley

  14. 19 Al Brink-Waukon

  15. 21j Jeff Ronek

  16. 2l David Thompson-Dubuque

  17. 38S R.J. Simon-Farley

  18. 15B Loras Feldmann-Dyersville

  19. 48j Jena Barthelemes-Cedar Rapids

  20. 21b Blumer





  1. 15b Troy Burkhart-Vinton

  2. 9 Leon Wilson-Hopkinton

  3. 81 K.C. Ansel-Dubuque

  4. 0 Jeremy English-Bernard

  5. 7j Jacob Seegmiller-Dubuque

  6. 6J Jed Frieberger-Dubuque

  7. K82 Ken Boyse-Key West

  8. 12t Tim Current-Bernard

  9. 30 Mark Massey-Worthington

  10. 89 Alan Heister-Maquoketa


Hobby Stocks

Two Track Point Fund Race

  1. 89 Kelly Welter-St. Donatus

  2. 33 Jim Turpin-Shullsburg, WI

  3. 98 Jason Rauen-Farley



  1. 33 Turpin

  2. 98 Rauen

  3. 44 B.J. Schmitt-Dubuque

  4. 28 Ed McIntyre-Delhi

  5. 23 Dennis Etten-Wyoming

  6. 97 Steve Dunkel-Worthington

  7. D44 Luke Goedert-Holy Cross

  8. 89 Welter

  9. 8K Jerry Merkes-Farley

  10. 83 Rob Petsche-Centralia

  11. 59 Mike Hughes-Galena, IL

  12. B4jr Brian Dirks-Anamosa

  13. 5 Norb Ahlers-Earlville

  14. 7C Corey Booth-Thompson, IL

  15. 12 Matt Dunkel-Martelle

  16. 72 Doug Yates-Monticello


Pro Stocks

Two Track Point Fund Race

1.      22 Jeff Valentine-Dubuque

2.      20 Ty Kleiner-Potosi, WI

3.      25 Bob Moyer-Dubuque



1.      25 Moyer

2.      38 Gary Crawford-Independence

3.      35 Jim Brokus-Dubuque

4.      22 Valentine

5.      14 Levi Benn-Dyersville

6.      22x Bob Bollon-Freeport, IL

7.      2k Jeff Kennedy-Dubuque

8.      69 John Maher-West Branch

9.      5M Larry McCall-Mechanicsville

10.  5 Dane Steiner-Dubuque

11.  19X Ed Mowry-Oregon, IL

12.  20 Kleiner

13.  97 Jeff Reinert-Dyersville


Quarter Master Modifieds

Two Track Point Fund Race

  1. 66 Dan Bohr-Decorah

  2. 37B Ron Barker-Dubuque

  3. 3 Jason Schueller-Dubuque



  1. 37B Barker

  2. 27 Mark Schulte-Delhi

  3. 74 Scott Nesteby-Asbury

  4. B3 Russ Olson-Cedar Rapids

  5. 66 Bohr

  6. 137 Steve Johnson-Camanche

  7. 15 Sean Rupp-Dubuque

  8. 96 Larry Herring-Lone Tree

  9. 1D Mel Saffran-Dubuque

  10. 03 Larry Kelly-Cedar Rapids

  11. 24 Randy Less-Hopkinton

  12. 17F Pat Flannagan-Cedar Rapids

  13. 14B Shane Burbridge-Delhi

  14. 24M Jan Messer-Manchester

  15. 3 Schueller

  16. 8 Rich Smith-Davenport

  17. 4 Jerry Miles-Dubuque


Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation NASCAR Late Models

Two Track Point Fund Race

  1. 77 Jeff Aikey-Cedar Falls

  2. 12t Jeff Tharp-Dubuque

  3. 79 Darren Mish-Cassville


Heat Race

  1. 21R Mike Recker-Arlington

  2. 23D Dana Wells-Moscow

  3. 8 Chuck Mayerhofer-Dixon




  1. 26 Steve Boley-West Liberty

  2. 77 Aikey

  3. 23D Wells

  4. 3 Josh McGowan-Vinton

  5. 8 Mayerhofer

  6. 12t Tharp

  7. 9 Bobby Hansen-Center Point

  8. 95 Ed Sanger-Postville

  9. 145 Dale Hackwell-Waterloo

  10. 21R Recker

  11. 27 Dan Shelliam-Hazel Green, WI

  12. 2X Shane Metz-Dike

  13. 79 Mish

  14. 25 Nate Hartzell-Cedar Falls

  15. 69 Todd Hormel-West Liberty

  16. 3t Todd Davis-Iowa City

  17. 11 Steve Ihm-Kieler

  18. 5L Robert Letts-Manchester

  19. 21 Luke Merfeld-Dubuque

  20. 21X Lane Meyer-West Union

  21. 45 Curt Martin-Independence

Farley Speedway

Farley, Iowa


By: Jerry Mackey

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