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Yankee, September 10-13, 2003 Farley Results


“Yankee” Finals Rescheduled September 27

Farley, Iowa

September 15, 2003


The Farley Speedway was hit with heavy rains all day Saturday, September 13th forcing cancellation of the “Yankee Dirt Track Classic” finals. Over five inches of rain fell on the Farley area leaving conditions so saturated that the event could not be completed on Sunday. The officials of SPI have rescheduled the finals of the “Yankee” for Saturday, September 27th. The qualifying, heats and consolations were all run on Friday night leaving the last chance races and features yet to be run. The action will get underway on the 27th with hot laps at 6 p.m. with racing to follow at 6:30 p.m. The Pro Stocks, Modifieds and Bud Open Late Models will all run last chance races, fast dashes and features on the 27th. The 100 lap “Yankee Dirt Track Classic” will headline the special night of racing.


Following Friday nights racing program the majority of the feature fields were set. The following results are drivers who have qualified for their respective divisions features.


Yankee Dirt Track Classic Results

Friday, September 12


Bud Open Late Models


Heat 1

  1. 32D Darren Miller-Chadwick, IL

  2. 21H Brian Harris-Davenport

  3. 79 Darren Mish-Dickeyville, WI


Heat 2

  1. 50 Denny Eckrich-Tiffin

  2. 12t Jeff Tharp-Dubuque

  3. 25HKerry Hansen-Spencer, WI


Heat 3

  1. 53 Joe Kosiski-Omaha, NE

  2. 9 Bobby Hansen-Center Point

  3. 99 Johnny Johnson-West Burlington


Heat 4

  1. 12 Ray Guss JR-Milan, IL

  2. 56 Gary Webb-Blue Grass

  3. 18Z Rusty Zook-Riverside


Heat 5

  1. 26 Steve Boley-West Liberty

  2. 58 Dave Eckrich-Oxford

  3. 45 Curt Martin-Independence


Heat 6

  1. 28 Jeff Bair-Solon

  2. 27 Dan Shelliam-Hazel Green, WI

  3. 21 Luke Merfeld-Peosta


Consolation 1

  1. 28E Dennis Erb-Carpentersville, IL

  2. 25X Chad Simpson-Marion

  3. 45L Jeff Laue-West Burlington


Consolation 2

  1. 00 Mitch Johnson-Fargo, ND

  2. 56E Andy Eckrich-Cosgrove

  3. 8 Sonny Findling-Kirksville, MO


Consolation 3

  1. 29L Darrel Lanigan-Union, KY

  2.  3 Josh McGowan-Vinton

  3. 08 Mike Miller-Leaf River, IL


Quarter Master Modifieds


Heat 1

  1. 11b Mike Burbridge-Delhi

  2. 9 Duane Coulson-E. Dubuque, IL

  3. 41 Dennis Dugan-Colesburg


Heat 2

  1. 26 Kevin Pittman-Waterloo

  2. 5D Bob Dominacki-Bettendorf

  3. G1 Mike Garland-Morrison, IL


Heat 3

  1. 33W Steve Wetter-Platteville, WI

  2. 1 Johnny Spaw-Cedar Rapids

  3. 2h Rick Hixson-Orion, IL

Heat 4

  1. 37 B Ron Barker-Dubuque

  2. 27 Mark Schulte-Delhi

  3. 137 Steve Johnson-Camanche


Heat 5

  1. 3 Jason Schuller-Dubuque

  2. B3 Russ Olson-Cedar Rapids

  3. 60 Rob Verbeck-Anawan, IL


Heat 6

  1. 01m Mitch Way-Davenport

  2. 66 Dan Bohr-Decorah

  3. 115 Dave Hammond-Camanche


Consolation 1

  1. 27 Mark Schulte-Delhi

  2. 3T Tim Nesteby-Dubuque


Consolation 2

  1. 15 Sean Rupp-Dubuque

  2. 30 Mark Massey-Worthington


Consolation 3

  1. 00 Josh Vinnedge-Forreston, IL

  2. D55 Scott Lemke-Davis Junction, Il



“Yankee” Auction Raises over $18,000 For Charity    


Farley, Iowa: The annual “Yankee Dirt Track Classic” charity auction was held on Saturday afternoon September 13th. This years beneficiaries of funds raised are the Mayor’s Youth Council of Iowa City, Iowa and Kyle Petty’s Victory Junction Camp.  When the sale was completed items sold totaled $18,042. The funds will be split evenly and sent to the two charities. Veteran racer/auctioneer, Greg Kastli,  conducted the auction and kept the crowd very entertained. The highlight of the auction was the sale of the “Yankee” commemorative quilt made by Sandy Bechen. The quilt featured pictures of all 25 previous “Yankee” Late Model winners and pictures of “Yankee” founder Al Frieden and current Farley Speedway owner Keith Simmons. The quilt sold for $2,500 and was purchased by the Kosiski family of Omaha, Nebraska. SPI would like to thank all who contributed to the outstanding success of the annual “Yankee” charity auction.


Farley, Iowa


By: Jerry Mackey



Aikey Scores In IMCA Late Models Deery Series At "Yankee"


Turpin & Simon Also Winners



Night number 2 of the 26th annual running of the "Yankee Dirt Track Classic attracted another huge field of drivers to the high banks of the Farley Speedway and to the prestigious fall classic. 36 IMCA Late Models and 37 Pro Stocks were in action on Thursday night bringing the 2 day car count to 197 total cars so far with two more classes yet to be run.


The IMCA Late Model division saw four heats and two consolations being run to bring the field to a 26 car starting field. With the redraw format being utilized Gary Webb took off from his front row outside starting position and led the race for the first twenty laps before his rear end broke sidelining the familiar number 56. The caution would be the only caution of the 50lap main event. On the restart Jeff Aikey took command and went on to lead the remaining 30 laps to score the win. Gary Russell ran second to Aikey but was unable to catch the #77 of Aikey. Ray Guss Jr. started the race in the 22nd position and steadily worked to the front taking third at the checkers. Mark Burgtorf ran fourth and used his fourth place finish to garner the 2003 Deery Brothers Summer Series title. Gary Crawford ran fifth. 


The "Yankee" Hobby Stock feature took place on Thursday night. The 29 car starting field was filled with drivers pushing the limits of their machines making for an action packed race. When the checkers were waved it was Jim Turpin taking the win in a hard fought battle over Mike Hughes. Turpin was able to take the lead on lap number three and go on to lead the final 12 laps for the championship win. Hughes worked all the way to a second place finish after starting back in the 20th position. Duane  Ahmann took third over Ed McIntyre and Corey Bauer. 


The Farley Flyers also ran their championship feature on Thursday night. 29 cars took the green in the Flyer feature and the drivers did a nice job of running their main event. John Flury put his Dodge Neon out front and appeared to be on his way to the championship win. Late in the race Flury had to check up for a lapped car and that slight delay allowed R.J. Simon to slip by and take the lead. Simon went on to lead the  last couple of laps and record the "Yankee" title race win.


Flury crossed he stripe in second ahead of Tim Koppes and Jason Roth.    


In addition the Pro Stocks ran their heats and consolations setting up their Saturday night last chance race and feature. John Maher, Ty Kleiner and Gary Crawford were heat winners and the consolation was won by Levi Benn.


Friday nights program will feature the Bud Open Late Models and the Quarter Master Modifieds. Qualifying heats and consolations will be held setting up the Saturday night grand finale. The Pro Stocks, Modifieds and Bud Late Models will run features on Saturday being headlined by the 100 lap "Yankee" for the Bud Late Models. 



Farley Flyers

12 Lap Feature


1. 38S R.J. Simon-Farley 

2. 00 John Flury-Peosta

3. 1 Tim Koppes-Cascade

4. 31 Jason Roth-Hazel Green, WI

5. 69 Becky Roth-Hazel Green

6. 21b Jake Blumer-Manchester

7.  14 George Saffran-Dubuque

8. 9 Troy Bauer-Dubuque

9. z50 Joe Zrostlik-Long Grove

10. 55 Brian Kammerude-Hazel Green, WI

11. 21k Danny Kennedy-Dubuque

12. 41L Tim Lindholm-Mineral Point, WI

13. 99.3 Mark Jaeger-Dyersville

14. 68 Steve Stackis-Dubuque

15. 38K Rob Kramer-Peosta

16. 41C Mike Nihles-Lancaster, WI

17. 3 Steve Driscoll Jr.-Asbury

18. 01J Jeremy Campbell-Dubuque

19. 18 Travis Law-Maquoketa

20. 77 Tim Sampson-Cuba City, WI

21. 01W John Campbell-Dubuque

22. 14F Dave Fangmann-Marion

23. 19 Al Brink-Waukon

24. 4j Joe Dirks-Anamosa

25. 48j Jena Barthelemes-Cedar Rapids

26.46 Anthony Petty-Dubuque

27. 71b Dave Brandies-Tipton

28. 83 Jeff Willis-Farley

29. 89 Kelly Welter-St. Donatus


 Hobby Stocks

 15 lap Feature

1. 33 Jim Turpin-Shullsburg, WI

2. 59 Mike Hughes-Galena, Il

3. 98x Duane Ahmann-Epworth

4. 28 Ed McIntyre-Delhi

5. 22 Corey Bauer-Monticello

6. 23 Dennis Etten-Wyoming

7. 80 Rick Runde-Platteville, WI

8. 72 Doug Yates-Monticello

9. 33j Joe Huenfield-Freeport, Il

10. 7C COrey Booth-THompson, IL

11. 7b Randy Benn-Dyersville

12. 12 Matt Dunkel-Martelle

13. 44 B.J. Schmitt-Dubuque

14. 20 E Jarvis Eastlick-Platteville, Wi

15. 40 Brian Meier-Tipton

16. 76 Tom Turpin-Shullsburg, WI

17. 89 Kelly Welter-St. Donatus

18. 83 Rob Petsche-Centralia

19. 8K Jerry Merkes-Farley

20. 67 Jason Riechers-Belmont, WI

21. 11 Jed Hurst-Hazel Green, WI

22. D44 Luke Goedert-Holy Cross

23. 28X Chip Kohl-Marion

24. B4Jr. Brian Dirks-Anamosa

25. 20x Dan Allbright-Hiawatha

26. 98 Jason Rauen-Farley

27. 29W Dave Wada-Muscatine

28. 44x Mike Lynch-Platteville

29. 00 Corey Hallahan-Dubuque


Pro Stocks

Heat 1

1. 69 John Maher-West Branch

2. 21 Jason Robbins-Belmont, WI

3. 44s Tom Struve-Palo


Heat 2

1. 20 Ty Kleiner-Potosi

2. 35 Jim Brokus-Dubuque

3. 25 bob Moyer-Dubuque


Heat 3

1. 38 Gary Crawford-Independence

2. 56 Jamie Pfeiffer-Freeport

3. 22 Jeff Valentine



1. 14 Levi Benn-Dyersville

2. 93 Mike Kline-Browntown, WI

3. 57 Rod Cameron-Stockton, IL


Last Chance and feature to be run 9/13


IMCA Derry Brothers Summer Seies Late Models


Heat 1

1. 10 Gary Crawford-Independence

2. 11 Rick Wages-East Moline, IL

3. 56 Gary Webb-Blue Grass


Heat 2

1. 77 Jeff Aikey-Cedar Falls

2. 5 Brent Slocum-West Burlington

3. 5t Todd Inman-Des Moines'


Heat 3

1. 14 Boone McLaughlin-Mediapolis

2. 87 Jon Merfeld-Peosta

3. 20 Gary Russell-Biggsville, IL


Heat 4

1. 18b Steve Borts-Ames

2. 41j Jeremiah Hurst-Dubuque

3. 20 Rob Toland-Hillsdale, Il


Consolation #1

1. 85 Kelly Tapper-Webster City

2. 99 Johnny Johnson-West Burlington

3. 14 Jim Aschenbrenner-Waterloo


Conssolation #2

1. 7 Mark Burgtorf-Quincy, IL

2. 25 Lonnie Bailey-Quincy, IL

3. 28C Ray Guss Jr.-Milan, IL


50 Lap Feaure

1. 77 Aikey

2. 20 Russell

3. 28C Guss Jr.

4. 7 Burgtorf

5. C10 Crawford

6. 14 McLaughlin

7. 99D Darrel DeFrance-Marshalltown

8. 87 Merfeld

9. 11 Wages

10. 73 Greg Kastli-Waterloo

11. 20 L Toland

12. 10X Ryan Griffith-Webster City

13. 41j Hurst

14. 18B Borts

15. 25 Bailey

16. 99J Johnson

17. 30 Todd Cooney-Des Moines

18. 85X Lavern Carey-Ionia

19. 5x Ed Sanger-Postville

20. 14A Aschenbrenner

21. 5T Inman

22. 5 Slocum

23. 56 Webb

24. 07 Terry Ryan-Davenport

25. 86 Rick Dralle-Waterloo

26. 85 Tapper


Farley, Iowa


By: Jerry Mackey


Boley & Massey Score opening Night Wins At “Yankee Dirt Track Classic”


The 26th annual running of the ”Yankee Dirt Track Classic” got underway on Wednesday, September 10th with an outstanding field of 124 drivers signing in looking to play a major role in the prestigious fall classic. 4 classes of cars took part in the opening night program with two winners walking away with beautiful trophies.


The Late Model challenge race brought in a strong field of 42 drivers looking to capture the $1,500 first place prize money in the 30 lap feature. 4 heats and a consolation were run to trim the qualifying field down to 26 drivers. The feature took the green with Bobby Hansen taking the lead early and constantly fighting off challenges by several hotshoes. Curt Martin battled Hansen early before Martin dropped out of the race due to mechanical woes. Hansen went on to lead the race until a caution flew on lap number 24. When the race restarted Steve Boley and Jeff Aikey were both able to slip by Hansen. Boley set sail on the top side and went on to score the win over Aikey, Hansen, Andy Eckrich and Tommy Elston rounded out the top five.


The B-Modifieds ran their complete show on Wednesday night. When the checkered flag flew in their 12 lap feature it was Mark Massey putting an exclamation point on an already outstanding season at the Farley Speedway. Massey was crowned the track champion on Friday, August 29th and now he has the “Yankee” title to add to his resume. Massey ran second in the fast dash to Leon Wilson and that put Massey on the front row outside of the main event. Massey went on to lead the race flag to flag on his way to the title. Troy Burkhart ran second ahead of Ken Boyes, Ted Engler and Jed Frieberger.


In addition the Farley Flyers and the Hobby Stocks ran their qualifying heats and consolations setting the field for their last chance races and feature which will be run on Thursday, September 11th. Flyer heat wins went to Jason Roth, John Flury and R.J. Simon. The Flyer consolation win went to Troy Bauer. The Hobby Stock heat wins went to Jason Rauen, B.J. Schmitt and Randy Benn. The Hobby Consolation win went to Corey Hallahan. At least 4 more divers will qualify in the Hobby Stock and Flyer divisions before their respective features take to the track.


A very scary accident was witnessed in the Hobby Stock qualifying as Steve Dunkel barrel rolled down the back chute at least 8 to ten times. Dunkel crawled out of his car unscathed.



Yankee Dirt Track Classic

9/10/03  results                                  


Farley Flyers


Heat 1

  1. 31 Jason Roth-Hazel Green, WI

  2. 21b Jake Blumer-Manchester

  3. 69 Becky Roth-Hazel Green


Heat 2

  1. 00 John Flury-Peosta

  2. 14 George Saffran-Dubuque

  3. 99.3 Mark Jaeger-Dyersville


Heat 3

  1. 38S R.J. Simon-Farley

  2. 48j Jena Barthelemes-Cedar Rapids

  3. 1 Tim Koppes-Cascade



  1. 9 Troy Bauer-Dubuque

  2. 21k Danny Kennedy-Dubuque

  3. 3 Steve Driscoll Jr.-Asbury


Last Chance Race and feature to be run 9/11/03





Heat 1

  1. 7j Jacob Seegmiller-Dubuque

  2. K82 Ken Boyse-Key West

  3. 6J Jed Frieberger-Dubuque


Heat 2

  1. 30 Mark Massey-Worthington

  2. 70 Ted Engler-Dubuque

  3. 15b Troy Burkhart-Vinton


Fast Dash

  1. 9 Leon Wilson-Hopkinton

  2. 30 Massey

  3. K82 Boyes


Yankee Dirt Track Classic Feature


  1. 30 Massey

  2. 15B Burkhart

  3. K82 Boyes

  4. 70 Engler

  5. 6J Frieberger

  6. 5W Scott Welsh-Cedar Rapids

  7. 7J Seegmiller

  8. 89 Alan Heister-Maquoketa

  9. 19 Wade Steinman-Blanchardville, WI

  10. 9 Wilson

  11. 12t Tim Current-Bernard

  12. 25j Jake Bowman-Maquoketa

  13. B3 John Wilhelmi-Maynard

  14. 81 K.C. Ansel-Dubuque

  15. 48 Jerry Pratt-Bennett

  16. 6 Jake Murphy-Dubuque


Hobby Stocks


Heat 1

  1. 98 Jason Rauen-Farley

  2. 20X Dan Allbright-Hiawatha

  3. 20 Jarvis Eastlick-Platteville


Heat 2

  1. 44 B.J. Schmitt-Dubuque

  2. 33 Jim Turpin-Shullsburg, WI

  3. 8K Jerry Merkes-Farley


Heat 3

  1. 7b Randy Benn-Dyersville

  2. 28 Ed McIntyre-Delhi

  3. 80 Rick Runde-Platteville, WI



  1. 00 Corey Hallahan-Dubuque

  2. 11 Jed Hurst-Hazel Green, WI

  3. 89 Kelly Welter-St. Donatus


Last chance race and feature to be run 9/11/03


Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation Late Models


 Heat 1

  1. 21 Luke Merfeld-Dubuque

  2. 27 Dan Shelliam-Hazel Green, WI

  3. 51 Matt Furman-Iowa City


Heat 2

  1. 11 Steve Ihm-Kieler

  2. 26 Steve Boley-West Liberty

  3. 9 Bobby Hansen-Center Point


Heat 3

  1. 50 Denny Eckrich-Tiffin

  2. 77 Jeff Aikey-Cedar Falls

  3. 45X Tommy Elston-Keokuk


Heat 4

  1. 45 Curt Martin-Independence

  2. 3t Todd Davis-Iowa City

  3. 79 Darren Mish-Cassville



  1. 25x Chad Simpson-Marion

  2. B1 Jeff Larson-Freeport, IL

  3. 56 Gary Webb-Blue Grass


30 Lap Challenge  Feature


  1. 26 Boley

  2. 77 Aikey

  3. 9 Hansen

  4. 56E Andy Eckrich-Cosgrove

  5. 45X Elston

  6. B1 Larson

  7. 12t Jeff Tharp-Dubuque

  8. 27 Shelliam

  9. 23D Dana Wells-Moscow

  10. 21h Brian Harris-Davenport

  11. 79 Mish

  12. 95 Ed Sanger-Postville

  13. 11 Ihm

  14. 20 Ty Kleiner-Potosi, WI

  15. 10 Gary Crawford-Independence

  16. 3 Josh McGowan-Vinton

  17. 50 Eckrich

  18. 3T Davis

  19. 25X Simpson

  20. 45 Martin

  21. 21 Merfeld

  22. 8 Mark Merfeld-Dubuque

  23. 28C Ray Guss Jr.-Milan, IL

  24. 41j Jeremiah Hurst-Dubuque

  25. 56 Webb

  26. 51 Furman

Farley, Iowa


By: Jerry Mackey

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