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August 10, 2001

Jeff Aikey and Terry Neal each took home a NASCAR Weekly Racing Series Late Model feature win at the Farley Speedway during Kid's Night Double Features on Friday August 10th. 

Aikey nabbed his eighth trip to victory lane in the opening event after rocketing to the front from his usual twelfth place starting position.  Running third when the event's first caution came out, Aikey replaced Darren Mish on the point one lap later.  Mish completed just one more lap before retiring to the pits with mechanical trouble.  Dan Galant took over the second spot, pacing Aikey but unable to challenge despite a late race caution.  Denny Eckrich was on the move late in the race, taking the third spot away from Ace Ihm before the lap 20 caution, but found his efforts thwarted by a flat right rear tire on the restart.  Ihm returned to the third spot at the checkers, ahead of Luke Merfeld and Matt Furman. 

The second feature event lined up with the top twelve finishers from the first inverted, putting Bobby Hansen and Duane Coulson on the front row.  Coulson jumped out to the early lead while Neal began picking off cars from seventh and Aikey began his charge from twelfth.  Rusty Zook replaced Coulson at the top of the leader board after a lap one caution, diving three wide into the first corner to advance from fourth into the lead in one corner.  Eight laps later Neal chased down Zook, disposing of the leader by sweeping underneath in the first turn.  Zook brought out the final caution himself on the fifteenth circuit, putting Aikey on Neal's rear bumper, but spent the final ten laps chasing as Neal picked up his second win of the season by crossing underneath he checkers ahead of Aikey,  Furman, Mark Merfeld and Coulson. 

Dan Chapman found the top groove to be fastest in Modified action, taking the lead on the opening lap and never looking back.   Scott Nesteby gave early chase, inching closer each lap but falling from the chase with sixteen laps complete with motor troubles.  Two laps later the yellow came out, putting Russ Olson on Chapman's rear bumper.  Olson mirrored Chapman's line around the track but was unable to challenge for the lead, crossing the stripe second ahead of Ron Barker, Larry Herring and Bret Frieden.  Dan Shelliam chased down John Maher to nab his fifth Pro Stock win of the season.  Maher jumped out front early, hugging the inside of the racetrack to open up a huge lead over the rest of the pack.  Shelliam found the cushion to be his best route around the high banked half mile and set sail, enjoying an open track around him Shellliam kept the hammer down and erased Maher's full straightaway lead by the ninth lap.  Maher held on to second ahead of Jeff Tharp, Bobby Moyer and Jeff Kennedy.  Jeff Reinert survived a last lap challenge from Mark Massey to strengthen his points lead by posting his second win.  Massey held on to second for the second straight week, beating Ed McIntyre, TJ Leslein and Duane Ahmann to the checkers.  Brian Strang led every lap of the Fun Car main event, posting his third win of the year ahead of Russ Yonkovic and Ray Fawcett. 

Racing action returns to the "Palace of Speed" on Friday August 17th as the season winds down and drivers begin final preparations for the 24th Annual Yankee Dirt Track Classic.  Hot laps are scheduled for 7 pm with racing to follow.  For more information, please contact Simmons Promotions at 563-744-3620 or on the internet at www.SimmonsPromotionsInc.com.  For raceday updates and instant results upon completion please call your local McLeod USA InTouch directory category #3740 or #3741. 

Late Models Feature #1
1. 77  Jeff Aikey  Cedar Falls
2. 33  Dan Galant  Clinton
3. 11  Ace Ihm  Hazel Green WI
4. 21  Luke Merfeld  Dubuque
5. 51  Matt Furman Iowa City
6. 12n Terry Neal  Ely
7. 8   Mark  Merfeld  Dubuque
8. 78  Rick Wendling  Hazelton
9. 18z  Rusty Zook  Riverside  
10. 3    Josh McGowan  Vinton
11. 44  Duane Coulson  East Dubuque IL
12. 98.1 Bobby Hansen  Dike
13. 50  Denny Eckrich  Coralville
14. 32  Tom Cannon  Iowa City 
15. 79  Darren Mish  Cassville WI
16. 23d  Dana Wells Moscow 
17. 15  Cam Granger  West Union   
18. 95  Ed Sanger  Postville
19. 37b  Troy Bruder  Rock Falls IL 
20. 21x  Michael  Recker  Waterloo 
21. 28c  Brad Coin  Davenport
22. 7  Andy Nezworski  Davenport
23. 27  Ed McGuire  Monroe WI
24. 95x  Wade Halverson  Davenport
25. 28  Jeff Bair  Marion 
26. 4r  Rick Dralle  Waterloo
27. 4  Dave Turner  Waterloo 
28. 6  John Maher  West Branch

Late Models Feature #2
1. 12n Terry Neal  Ely
2. 77  Jeff Aikey  Cedar Falls
3. 51  Matt Furman Iowa City
4. 8   Mark  Merfeld  Dubuque
5. 44  Duane Coulson  East Dubuque IL
6. 98.1 Bobby Hansen  Dike
7. 79  Darren Mish  Cassville WI
8. 3    Josh McGowan  Vinton
9. 27  Ed McGuire  Monroe WI
10. 7  Andy Nezworski  Davenport
11. 33  Dan Galant  Clinton
12. 21  Luke Merfeld  Dubuque
13. 18z  Rusty Zook  Riverside
14. 28c  Brad Coin  Davenport
15. 15  Cam Granger  West Union
16. 21x  Michael  Recker  Waterloo
17. 95  Ed Sanger  Postville
18. 32  Tom Cannon  Iowa City
19. 50  Denny Eckrich  Coralville
20. 37b  Troy Bruder  Rock Falls IL
21. 95x  Wade Halverson  Davenport
22. 11  Ace Ihm  Hazel Green WI
23. 78  Rick Wendling  Hazelton
24. 28  Jeff Bair  Marion
25. 4r  Rick Dralle  Waterloo
26. 4  Dave Turner  Waterloo
27. 6m  John Maher  West Branch
28. 23d  Dana Wells Moscow

    77x  Ryan Dolan  Lisbon    
    70  Max Corporon  Cedar Rapids
     1b  Kevin Miller Waterloo 

1. 1  Dan Chapman  Clarence
2. b3   Russ Olson  Cedar Rapids
3. 37b Ron Barker  Dubuque
4. 96  Larry Herring  Lone Tree
5. 64  Bret  Freiden  Cedar Rapids 
6. 16  Ryan Dolan  Lisbon
7. 37  Todd Stoolman  West Branch 
8. 63  Scott Preston  Maquoketa 
9. 33  Steve Wetter  Platteville WI
10. 14w  Jason Walrack  Platteville WI
11. 00  Josh Vinnedge  Forreston IL
12. d55  Scott Lemke  Davis Junction IL
13. 27  Mark Schulte  Delhi
14. 57  Dennis Betzer  Central City
15. 24  Randy Less  Hopkinton
16. 10  Jed Hurst   Hazel Green WI
17. 74   Scott Nesteby  Asbury
18. 5h  Mike Hill Pearl City
19. 54 Doug Picray  Monticello

1. 16  Dan Shelliam  Hazel Green WI
2. 69  John Maher  West Branch
3. 12  Jeff Tharp  Dubuque
4. 25  Bobby Moyer  Dubuque
5. 2k  Jeff Kennedy  Dubuque
6. 18  Brian Culbertson  Dubuque
7. 34  Ken Hanson  Vinton
8. 4   Kevin Duerr  Scales Mound IL
9. 35  Jim Brokus  Dubuque
10. 03  Don Hughes  Monticello
11. s1  Steve Hunter  Hopkinton
12. 71  Kevin Schroeder  Low Moor
13. 75  Duane Wagner  Dickeyville WI
14. 23  Jim Amos  Peosta
15. 22  Jeff Valentine  Dubuque

1. 97  Jeff Rienert  Farley
2. 30   Mark Massey  Farley
3. 28  Ed McIntyre  Delhi
4. 38  TJ Leslein  Dubuque
5. 98  Duane Ahmann  Epworth
6. 13   Larry Benn  Dyersville
7. 44  Kory Haverly  Anamosa
8. 33  Jim Turpin  Shullsberg WI
9. 23  Dennis Etten
10. 20  Dan Albright  Lisbon
11. 22  Cory Bauer  Manchester
12. 83  Rob Petsche  Asbury

72  Doug Yates  Monticello
1  Tom Boyes  Dubuque
8k   Jerry Merkes  Farley

1. 26  Brian Strang  Dubuque
2. 38  Russ Yonkovic  Dubuque
3. 64  Ray Fawcett  Benton WI
4. 7   Chad Hallahan  Dubuque
5. 44  BJ Schmitt  Dubuque
6. 66   Brad Strang  Dubuque
7. b4jr  Brian Diercks  Anamosa
8. 89  Kelly Welter  Farley
9. 20  Terry Turnis  Shullsberg WI
10. 6  Todd Moore  Dubuque
11. 6c  Chris Hinrichs  Monticello

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