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Suzuki 4 wheeler that Wilwert's has provided SPI for race track and  tee shirt shoot each night. The Suzuki Fun Gun provided by Wilwert's Inc.


September 3rd, 2001

Denny Eckrich took home his first Budweiser Open Late Model Shootout win at the Davenport Speedway on Monday September 3rd. 

Taking the lead away from Darren Miller on lap 35, Eckrich cruised the last fifteen laps to bag the $6000 top prize ahead of Miller, Ron Boyes, Ed Kosiski and Gary Webb.  Miller jumped out to the early lead after earning the outside front row by finishing second to Jeff Aikey in the Fast Dash.  Aikey initially followed Miller around the track, but succumbed to the pressure of Steve Boley following a lap nine restart.  Boley hung back in the second spot until lap 20, when Miller began encountering heavy lapped traffic.  Quickly closing the margin between himself and the leader, Boley dove underneath Miller in the third corner of the 27th lap, as Miller himself was attempting to pass the slower cars on the bottom of the track.  Contact resulted, with Boley's car clipping an implement tire marking the edge of the racetrack and ending his evening.  Eckrich lined up for the restart in the third position, alongside Aikey and quickly went to work, assuming command of second on the restart.  Lap 34 saw another restart, with Eckrich choosing to restart the race in the high line.  One lap later Eckrich slipped underneath Miller for the lead and went unchallenged the remaining distance.   Boyse used patience to advance his fifteenth starting position into third at the checkers, passing Ray Guss Jr, Webb and Aikey following the last restart while Ed Kosiski followed suit on the cushion to claim fourth.  

Only two events are left on the Simmons Promotions INC Budweiser Open Late Model Shootout schedule in 2001.  First on tap will be the 24th Annual Yankee Dirt Track Classic on September 12th thorugh 15th, paying the winner of the 100 lap main event more than $15,000.  The Shootout format then returns for the final event of the season at the West Liberty Raceway the following weekend, September 21st and 22nd for the 5th Annual Liberty 100.  For more information, contact Simmons Promotions INC at 563-744-3620 or online at www.simmonspromotionsinc.com 

Budwieser Open Late Model Shootout 50 lap feature
1. 50 Denny Eckrich Coralville IA
2. 32d Darren Miller Chadwick IL
3. 74  Ron Boyse  Kalona IA
4. 35 Ed Kosiski Omaha NE
5. 56 Gary Webb Blue Grass IA
6. 21h Brian Harris, Davenport
7. 77 Jeff Aikey Cedar Falls IA
8. 12 Ray Guss Jr Milan IL
9.  11 Steve Ihm Hazel Green WI 
10. 54  Ryan Dolan Lisbon IA
11. 52 Steve Kosiski Omaha NE
12. 78  Rick Wendling  Halzelton IA
13. 3t Todd Davis  Iowa City IA
14. 99d  Darrall DeFrance  Marshalltown IA
15. 51 Matt Furman Iowa City IA
16. 26b Wayne Brau, Annawan IL
17. 66  Fred Remely  Blue Grass IA
18. 53  LeRoy Brenner  Davenport IA
19.  5 Jay Johnson West Burlington IA
20.  45t  Rob Toland  Moline IL 
21. 26 Steve Boley West Liberty IA
22. 7  Andy Nezworski  Davenport IA
23. 58 Dave Eckrich Coralville IA
24. 15 Brian Birkhofer Muscatine IA
25. 99  Johnny Johnson West Burlington IA
26. 12n Terry Neal Ely IA
AUTO ACRES FEATURE  (not run due to time constraints) 
  88 Kevin Kile West Liberty IA
  07x Scott Heeren Forreston IL 
  07  Terry Ryan  Davenport IA
  45k  John Kresser 
  1  Jeff French 
  18p  Mitch Way  Davenport IA
  33g Dan Galant Clinton IA
  37 Rollie Frink Davenport IA
  1m Rob Moss, Iowa City IA
31 Brian Morgan, Muscatine IA

33 Kurt Stewart Ainsworth IA
77 Kurt Kile, West Liberty IA
05  Mike Wiersma
22b  Jon Brauns  Muscatine IA
32 Tom Cannon, Iowa City IA
91  Mike Guldenpfenner  Davenport IA
75  Billy Tuckwell 
23d  Dana Wells  Moscow IA
8  Chuck Mayerhofer  Dixon IA
28 Jeff Bair  Solon IA
1b  Kevin Miller Freeport IL
45  Dwayne Walter
25s  Chris Smyser 
32c Chad Holladay Wilton IA

1. 25 Chad Simpson Marion
2. 2r  Rusty Daufeldt Blue Grass
3. 25x  Bobby Moyer Dubuque
4. 29  Bruce Miller  West Liberty
5. 9m  Jody Metzger  Muscatine
6. 20  Ty Kleiner    Belmont WI
7. 77 Darrin Plett  Davenport
8. 60 Matt Brockert   Muscatine
9. 88  Duane Roth    Dubuque
10. 13  Dennis Pergande  Dubuque
11. 32 Chris Simpson  Marion
12. 7  Larry Johnson
13. 44  Tom Struve  Palo
14. 1   Matt Gilchrist  Grandview
15. 17 Gary Beuter  Tipton
16. 99  Ken Martelle  Dubuque
17. 24  Monte Hayden Wilton 

1. 0  Stan O'Brien  Muscatine
2. 30  Mark Massey   Farley
3. 13  Larry Benn    Dyersville
4. 38  TJ Leslein  Durango 
5. 38j  Jason Schueller Dubuque
6. 81  KC Ansel   Dubuque
7. 99  CJ Ormsby  West Liberty
8. 10x  Josh  Hamahn 
9. 38x  Jim Rutsart 
10.  51  Ron Doolittle  Blue Grass 
11. 55  Chris Litscher 
12.  42v Darrin Voss  Wilton
13. 69r  Glen Franck
14. 75  Chris Miller
15. 66p  Robert Sherbonda

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