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2002 SPI Track Location Map Logo

Suzuki 4 wheeler that Wilwert's has provided SPI for race track and  tee shirt shoot each night. The Suzuki Fun Gun provided by Wilwert's Inc.

2003 Event Procedures

Point Average System: After the first regular race night at each race track, each competitor that participates the first night and has returned to race the next race night may then be lined up by a point average (inverted). Any driver starting after the first night will not have a point average the first week they compete and will be required to start at the rear of the field in the heat races and cannot be lined up in the top 12 positions for the A feature. The point average is based on the last 4 race nights the competitor has raced, maximum. It consists of the total number of track points the driver has accumulated in the last 4 times they have raced divided by the times they have attended, up to 4. This system is used to line up the heat races and the top 12 starting positions in the A feature. New drivers that qualify for the A Feature after the first race night may be lined up behind any drivers that have a point average and have qualified out of the heat races. Any driver missing One week after they have established a point average will be treated as a new driver the first night they return. After the driver has returned and raced one night there point average will be figured on the last 4 nights they raced. Any driver that is disqualified from an A Feature will be treated as not even being there that night and their point average will not have that nights racing figured into the next week.

Feature Line Up: After all of the qualifying races the Feature line up should be as follows. If a track runs 2 qualifying heats we will qualify 7 cars from each and invert the highest 12 in point average of the 14 car qualified, with the 2 lowest in point average starting 13th and 14th heads up by point average. If a track runs 3 qualifying heat races we will qualify 5 from each heat race and invert the highest 12 in point average of the 15 cars qualified, with the lowest in point average starting behind the top 12 heads up by point average. If a track runs 4 heats they may qualify 4 cars out of each heat race, invert the top 12 in point average of the 16 cars that qualified, lining the lowest 4 in point average up behind the top 12, heads up by point average.

Championship Events (Mid Season Season Championship): The heat races will be lined up by track points average inverted. The A Feature will be lined up by the top 12-heat race qualifiers inverted by total track points.  A competitor will have competed in at least 50% of the weekly ran races at that track to be eligible to start in the top 12. The top 12 in track points of the cars that are there could be guaranteed a starting spot in the A Feature, but must qualify out of the heat races to start in the top 12 starting positions. All other cars that are eligible to start the A Feature, but do not qualify from the heat races may be lined up by total track point, heads up.

Provisional: Any driver that is in the top 6 in track points after the first week of competition will, be guaranteed a starting spot in that nights event. You must attempt to qualify in your assigned heat race or consi. You will also start at the tail end of the field.

On Track Race Procedure: Once the green flag is displayed, the car or cars causing a restart or cars involved in a mishap that does bring out a caution or red flag will be realigned at the rear of the field in the order they last crossed the start finish line. Cars not involved will be realigned in the order they were running on the last completed lap. Only cars involved must go to the rear. If you spin to miss and do not make contact you will get your position back, but if involved in any way you will be sent to the rear. Anyone going on the race surface or outside of the crowd control fence during an event may cause their car to be disqualified from the event or placed at the rear of the field. Any car stopping on the racetrack, unless otherwise authorized will be placed at the rear of the field for the restart. Any car considered by the Official in charge of the event to have intentionally brought out a yellow or red flag may be put down one lap, or fined a minimum of $200, or both.

Two Restart Option: Any car causing two restarts by themselves will be disqualified for the remainder of the event. Any car considered to be running at an unsafe speed may be black flagged from the event.

Restarts:  All event restarts will be single or double file restarts. When using double file restarts the leader will start on the point, with second place having their choice of the inside or outside lane. Remainder of the field will fall in place as they were running, with the lapped cars placed at the rear of the field.

White / Checkered Finishes: During qualifying events the race may be called a complete race once the lead car takes the white flag. The order of the finish would be as follows: Cars crossing the start/finish line before the caution or red flag is giving would be scored the way they crossed the start/finish line. All other cars will be scored the way they were running on the last completed lap, with the cars causing the caution or red flag to be scored at the end.

Late Model Event Finishes: If the race must be stopped before the lead car crosses the start/finish line and receives the checkered flag, the race must be realigned and revert back one lap. The race will then be run in a Green, White, Checkered finish.

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