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Kyle Berck Tops Strong Field At Davenport Bud Shootout


9/1/03 Davenport, Iowa  The last of four Bud Shootouts at the Davenport Speedway was held on Labor Day, September 1st with an outstanding field of 43 Bud Late Models and 30 Modifieds.


Darren Miller won the Hollywood Graphics fast dash for the Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation Late Models setting him on the pole position for the 50 lap main event. Billy Moyer Jr. earned the most points through the qualifying heats but settled for fifth in the fast dash.  Outside front row starter Dave Eckrich took the lead early and led until lap 13 when something broke in his car sending him spinning in turn two. Heavy rains in the Quad Cities area on Sunday left the big half mile in soft conditions and attributed to a large amount of attrition. Kyle Berck picked up the race lead on the restart on lap number 14 and went on to score the $6,000 win in the 50 lap feature. Billy Moyer Jr. pitted early in the race and came back out without losing a lap and came through the pack to take second at the checkers. Ray Guss Jr. delighted his hometown fans by running a strong third after battling with Moyer for several laps. Mitch Johnson made the long tow from Fargo, ND payoff in taking the fourth position over Rusty Zook. Qualifying heat wins went to Denny Eckrich, Billy Moyer Jr., Steve Ihm and Darren Miller. Two Auto Acres Consolation races were held and the wins went to Rusty Zook and Mike Miller.


Ron Barker continued his dominance of the Davenport Speedway in the Modified division by scoring another 20 lap feature win. Barker started on the outside front row by virtue of the passing points earned, and went on to lead the race flag to flag.


Mitch Way ran second to Barker on Monday night, Jim Sandusky took the checkers in third ahead of Rick Hixson and Steve Wetter.


The next racing event on SPI’s schedule will be the 26th annual running of the “Yankee Dirt Track Classic”. The four biggest days of racing will be held Wednesday through Saturday, September 10th through the 13th. Please log on to the SPI website for the complete schedule and ticket information. www.simmonspromotionsinc.com



Results Davenport Speedway 9/1/03 

Bud Open Late Model Shootout

Presented By Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation


Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation Late Models

Heat 1

1.      50 Denny Eckrich-Tiffin, IA

2.      00 Mitch Johnson-Fargo, ND

3.      58 Dave Eckrich-Oxford


Heat 2

1.      21 Billy Moyer Jr.-Batesville, AR

2.      23D Dana Wells-Moscow

3.      72 Terry Huizel-Freeport, IL


Heat 3

1.      11 Steve Ihm-Kieler, WI

2.      28 Dennis Erb Jr.-Carpentersville, IL

3.      3X Skip Frey-Ely


Heat 4

1.      32D Darren Miller-Chadwick, IL

2.      14 Kyle Berck-Marquette, NE

3.      12 Ray Guss Jr.-Milan, IL


Auto Acres used Parts Consolation #1

1.      18Z Rusty Zook-Riverside

2.      21S Craig Jacobs-Freeport

3.      74 Ron Boyse-Kalona


Auto Acres Used Parts Consolation #2

1.      08 Mike Miller-Leaf River, IL

2.      54 Mark Curwen-Hazel Green, WI

3.      8 Sonny Findling-Kirksville, MO


Hollywood Graphics Fast Dash

1.      32D Miller

2.      58 Eckrich

3.      14 Berck


Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation 50


1.      14 Berck

2.      21 Moyer Jr.

3.      12 Guss Jr.

4.      00 Johnson

5.      18Z Zook

6.      45L Jeff Laue-Burlington

7.      72 Huizel

8.      50 Eckrich

9.      25S Chris Smyser-Lancaster, MO

10.  28 Erb Jr.

11.  3x Skip Frey-Ely

12.  21h Brian Harris-Davenport

13.  32D Miller

14.  28 Jeff Bair-Solon

15.  54 Curwen

16.  11 Ihm

17.  32 Tom Cannon-Iowa City

18.  58 Eckrich

19.  74 Boyse

20.  1G Rob Toland-Hillsdale, IL

21.  26 Steve Boley-West Liberty

22.  08 Miller

23.  8 Sonny Findling-Kirksville, MO

24.  33g Kevin Blum-E. Moline, IL

25.  23D Wells

26.  21S Jacobs



Heat 1

1.      A1 Jim Sandusky-Moline, IL

2.      60 Rob Verbeck-Anawan, IL

3.      21h Todd Hansen-Muscatine


Heat 2

1.      D55 Scott Lemke-Davis Junction, IL

2.      2h Rick Hixson-Orion, IL 

3.      33W Steve Wetter-Platteville, WI


Heat 3

1.      M50 Darin Thye-Burlington

2.      37B Ron Barker-Dubuque, IA

3.      01m Mitch Way-Davenport, IA


Fast Dash

1.      60 Verbeck

2.      37b Barker

3.      D55 Lemke


20 Lap Feature

1. 37B Barker

2. 01M Way

3. A1 Sandusky

4. 2H Hixson

5. 33W Wetter

6. 11 Ray Cox Jr.-Maquoketa

7. A50 Rod Smith-Monmouth, IL

8. 19 Terry Lawson-New Liberty

9. 74 Scott Nesteby-Asbury

10. 5D Bob Dominacki-Bettendorf, IA

11. 21 Hansen

12. YT Mike Weidemann-Dubuque

13. 1S Johnny Spaw-Cedar Rapids

14. 45X Jerry Connors-Pleasant Valley

15. 115 Dave Hammond-Camanche

16. 45 Steve Kohli-Iowa City

17. 03 Larry Kelly-Cedar Rapids

18. 2F Brett Fosdyck-Rock Island

19. 57 Jeff Durst-Davenport

20. 53 Chris Schulte-Davenport

21. 72 Rich Lewis-Kewanee, IL

22. 60 Verbeck

23. 38 Kevin Williams-Davenport

24. 41 Scott Hill-Davenport

25. M50 Thye

26. D55 Lemke

27. 37 Todd Stoolman-West Branch

28. 43 Milo Veloz Jr.-Colona, IL

29. 8S Rich Smith-Davenport, IA


Davenport Speedway


By: Jerry Mackey

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