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Suzuki 4 wheeler that Wilwert's has provided SPI for race track and  tee shirt shoot each night. The Suzuki Fun Gun provided by Wilwert's Inc.

Schueller, Moyer, Curtis & Roth Claim Championship Wins



West Liberty, Iowa

Saturday, September 20


The 2003 racing season came to close on Saturday night at the West Liberty Raceway with a wild night of stock car racing.  The SPI crew presented the finals of the 7th annual “Liberty 100” with a nice crowd in attendance on a beautiful fall evening.


The headliner of the night was the 100 lap main event featuring the Bud Open Late Models. Several different leaders a couple of hard hits and the race winner was ultimately declared at the scales were all part of the drama of the season ending race at the West Liberty Raceway. Throughout the entire 100 laps of the race the lead position was not the place to be. Denny Eckrich took the lead after starting on the pole by virtue of winning the Hollywood Graphics fast dash. Eckrich led early despite a few early race cautions that kept the field on his rear bumper. The caution flew on lap number 8 when Eckrich crashed into the stalled car of Chad Simpson. The 50 car of Eckrich hit the Simpson car so hard that the jaws of life had to be used to cut the frames apart. Both cars were severely damaged but both drivers were able to escape serious injury. Steve Boley took the lead when the race restarted, one more minor caution slowed the race on lap number 14 then the remainder of the race went green to checkers. Boley led the race until Darren Miller was able to garner the top spot on lap number 28. Miller went on to lead the race until lap number 84 when a tire began to go down on the 32 of Miller. Matt Furman took over the top spot and went on to lead the remaining 16 laps for the apparent win. Unfortunately Furman weighed in 35 pounds light forcing a DQ of the 51 machine of Furman. This gave the win to Steve Boley who had crossed the stripe a straight away behind Furman. Gary Webb advanced all the way from a 17th position start to take second ahead of Brian Harris, Ray Guss Jr., and Nick Marolf advanced from 19th to take the fifth spot. 14 of the 27 starters took the checkered flag in the 7th annual “Liberty 100”.


When the Winston Cup drivers go to Talladega, you hear the drivers talk about when the big one is going to happen. Saturday night in the Miller Time Modified feature the big one happened on lap number 4. One of the front runners got crossed up coming out of turn four and lost his car causing a melee that involved 12 cars. Several of the cars had very serious damage but all drivers were able to get out of their mangled machines under their own power. The heaviest damaged cars belonged to Todd Hansen and Jim Vest, others that were unable to restart included Rich Lewis, Steve Kohli, Ryan Dolan and Mike Thomas. When the race restarted it was Robbie Verbeck setting sail on the top side leading the race all the way to the 21st lap. Verbeck was developing a bit of a push that allowed Jason Schueller to catch the leader. Schueller made the pass for the lead in turn 2 on lap number 22 and went on to record the win in the 25 lap feature. Larry Herring was also able to get by Verbeck to take second. Verbeck held on for third over Mitch Way and Johnny Spaw.


The Double D Performance Pro Stock feature was run clean and green as the 25 car field completed the 20 lap feature caution free. Bobby Moyer scored a clean sweep Saturday night by winning the fast dash and leading the feature race flag to flag. Moyer took the impressive win over Gary Crawford, Chris Simpson, Dale Franklin and  John Maher.  


Rick Curtis took the lead on lap number 4 of the 12 lap Hobby Stock feature and went on to score the feature win. Curtis took the checkers ahead of Mike Hughes, Ron Schruers, Doug Yates and Rod Staats.


The Farley Flyers made their first visit to the West Liberty Raceway and young Jason Roth came away the big winner topping the 10 lap feature that saw 17 cars take the green flag. Roth drove his Toyota Celica to the win over John Flury, Troy Bauer, Tim Koppes and Becky Roth.


The running of the 7th annual “Liberty 100” brought the 2003 racing season to a close at the West Liberty Raceway.         


West Liberty Raceway Race Results  9/20/03


Finals of the Liberty 100


Farley Flyers


Flyer Fast Dash

  1. 31 Jason Roth-Hazel Green, WI

  2. 9 Troy Bauer-Dubuque

  3. 00 John Flury-Epworth



  1. Jason Roth

  2. 00 Flury

  3. 9 Bauer

  4. 1 Tim Koppes-Cascade

  5. 69 Becky Roth-Cuba City, WI

  6. 21b Jake Blumer-Manchester

  7. 68 Steve Stackis-Dubuque

  8. Z50 Joe Zrostlik-Long Grove

  9. 71B Dave Brandies-Tipton

  10. 92 Robert Harding Jr.-Iowa City

  11. 1D Michael Frank-Columbus Junction

  12. 7H Rob Axson-Atalissa

  13. 57S Dave Snyder-Iowa City

  14. 74 Jeff Miller-Wellman

  15. 38 Chad Bush-Davenport

  16. 21K Danny Kennedy-Dubuque

  17. 4J Barney Dirks-Anamosa


Hobby Stocks


Fast Dash

  1. S9 Ron Schruers-Fruitland

  2. 59 Mike Hughes-Galena, IL

  3. 10 Harold O’Brien-Muscatine



  1. 31 Rick Curtis-Muscatine

  2. 59 Hughes

  3. S9 Schruers

  4. 72 Doug Yates-Monticello

  5. 08 Rod Staats-Columbus Junction

  6. 10 O’Brien

  7. 100 Dave Schrier-Muscatine

  8. D44 Luke Goedert-Holy Cross

  9. 2W Roger Whitcomb-Letts

  10. 12 Matt Dunkel-Martelle

  11. 7M Jeff Murphy-Columbus Junction

  12. 62m Dustin Davidson-Oxford

  13. 13R Mike Rees-Crawfordsville

  14. 57 Todd Salazar-Columbus Junction

  15. 20 Dan Albright-Hiawatha

  16. 99 Jason Wheeler-Conesville

  17. 23 Dennis Etten-Wyoming

  18. 25 Jim Schrier-Washington

  19. 29W Dave Wada-Muscatine

  20. 89 Kelly Welter-St. Donatus

  21. 40 Jessie Smith-Wilton


 Double D Performance Pro Stocks


Fast Dash

  1. 25 Bob Moyer-Dubuque

  2. 7 Dale Franklin-Marion

  3. 32 Chris Simpson-Marion



  1. 25 Moyer

  2. 38 Gary Crawford-Independence

  3. 32 Simpson

  4. 7 Franklin

  5. 69 John Maher- West Branch

  6. 24 Monte Hayden-Wilton

  7. 36 Jason Gingerich-West Liberty

  8. 26 Paul Hallett-Muscatine

  9. 17 Gary Beuter-Tipton

  10. 9 Davey Elliott-Moscow

  11. 33 Randy Franzen-Maquoketa

  12. 77 Darren Plett-Donahue

  13. 44S Tom Struve-Palo

  14. 21 Jeremy Honts-Muscatine

  15. 0 Matt Bodman-Muscatine

  16. 60 Matt Brockert-Muscatine

  17. 5m Larry McCall-Mechanicsville

  18. 80 jerry Dedrick-Vinton

  19. 3d Dan Lange-Rochester

  20. 30 John Vrba-Hiawatha

  21. 28 Allen Diercks-Clarence

  22. 11 Troy Philpott-Muscatine

  23. 15 Curt Schroeder-Ames


Miller Time Modifieds


Fast Dash

  1. 60 Rob Verbeck-Anawan, IL

  2. 2H Rick Hixson-Orion, IL

  3. 1A Rich Smith-Davenport



  1. 3 Jason Schueller-Dubuque

  2. Larry Herring-Lone Tree

  3. 60 Verbeck

  4. 01m Mitch Way-Davenport

  5. 1 Johnny Spaw-Cedar Rapids

  6. 37 Todd Stoolman-West Branch

  7. 55 Scott Stecher-Muscatine

  8. 36 Leroy Brenner-Aledo, IL

  9. 44X Wade Lee-Muscatine

  10. 12 Terry Walker-Riverside

  11. 44 Shaune Lewis-Kewanee, IL

  12. 23 Marty Leik-Iowa City

  13. 17 Steve Stewart-Washington

  14. 4 Chad Lerch-Arlington

  15. 41 Scott Hill-Davenport

  16. 9 Leon Wilson-Hopkinton

  17. 2h Hixson

  18. 34 Dave Hemsted-Lone Tree

  19. 1A Smith

  20. 2 Jim Vest-Wellman

  21. 21 Todd Hanson-Muscatine

  22. 19 Terry Lawson-New Liberty

  23. 72 Rich Lewis-Kewanee, IL

  24. 45 Steve Kohli-Iowa City

  25. 51 Ryan Dolan-Lisbon

  26. 7 Mike Thomas-West Branch

  27. 96X Jason Bahrs-Colona, IL


Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation Late Models

Bud Open Late Model Shootout


Last Chance Race

1.      77 Kurt Kile-West Liberty

2.      3t Todd Davis-Iowa City

3.      74 Ron Boyse-Kalona


Hollywood Graphics Fast Dash

1.      50 Denny Eckrich-Tiffin

2.      28 Jeff Bair-Solon

3.      99 Johnny Johnson-West Burlington


7th Annual Liberty 100

  1. 26 Steve Boley-West Liberty

  2. 56 Gary Webb-Blue Grass

  3. 21H Brian Harris-Davenport

  4. 12 Ray Guss Jr.-Milan, IL

  5. 33 Nick Marolf-Moscow

  6. 66 Ryan Dolan-Lisbon

  7. 56E Andy Eckrich-Cosgrove

  8. 3 Josh McGowan-Vinton

  9. 3X Skip Frey-Ely

  10. 57 Tom Christensen-West Liberty

  11. 31u Jason Utter-Columbus Junction

  12. 99D Darrel DeFrance-Marshalltown

  13. 12t Jeff Tharp-Dubuque

  14. 32D Darren Miller-Chadwick, IL

  15. 18 Rusty Zook-Riverside

  16. 77 Kile

  17. 28 Bair

  18. 77X Jeff Aikey-Cedar Falls

  19. 37S Mike Smith-Jewell

  20. 3t Davis

  21. 50 Eckrich

  22. 99 Johnson

  23. 25 Chad Simpson-Marion

  24. 58 Dave Eckrich-Oxford

  25. 74 Ron Boyse-Kalona

  26. 45 Mike Klinkkammer-West Branch

  27. 51 Matt Furman-Iowa City

West Liberty Raceway


By: Jerry Mackey




Darren Miller Scores Race Of Champions Win As Liberty 100 Opens At West Liberty Raceway


 West Liberty, Iowa: 9/19/03


The West Liberty Raceway hosted 148 drivers as the 7th annual Liberty 100 got underway on Friday, September 19th. The headliner of qualifying night was the running of the Bud Open Late Models Race of Champions.


The race was comprised of previous Bud Shootout winners and the top timers from Friday nights qualifying round.  The drivers pulled on to the front chute and drew for their starting spots for the first ten lap segment of the Race of Champions. The race is run under an all star format that saw the drivers run ten laps then they were allowed ten minutes to make whatever changes they wanted to, then a pill was drawn by a fan to establish how many cars would be inverted for the next 15 lap segment. The winner of the 25 lap race earned $2,000 for his efforts. The first ten lap segment saw Steve Boley lead the field to the mandatory caution and the ten minute work period. Crews were busy changing shocks springs and etc. looking for an added advantage. When the work period was concluded a young fan drew the number 4 allowing a four car invert which put Darren Miller on the pole for the second segment. Miller was very strong and was able to lead all 15 laps for the $2,000 win. A real battle took place for the runner up honors. Fast timer of the night Jeff Bair was battling Ryan Dolan for the second spot as the laps wound down. Dolan was able to nip Bair at the line for second. Denny Eckrich ran fourth ahead of brother David who rounded out the top five.


Friday nights program included qualifying and heats plus needed consolations in all classes setting the fields for Saturday nights finals. Saturday nights program will include last chance races, fast dashes and main events. The headliner of the night will be the “Liberty 100” featuring the Bud Open Late Models.


Following are Friday nights heat and consolation results, drivers listed below have qualified for Saturday nights features.



West Liberty Raceway Race Results 9/19/03

Night Number 1 of the Liberty 100


Farley Flyers


Heat 1

  1. 00 John Flury-Epworth

  2. 31 Jason Roth-Hazel Green, WI

  3. 69 Becky Roth-Cuba City, WI


Heat 2

  1. 21K Danny Kennedy-Dubuque

  2. 68 Steve Stackis-Dubuque

  3. Z50 Joe Zrostlik-Long Grove


Hobby Stocks


      Heat 1

  1. 59 Mike Hughes-Galena, IL

  2. 10 Harold O’Brien-Muscatine

  3. 20 Dan Albright-Hiawatha


Heat 2

  1. 72 Doug Yates-Monticello

  2. 23 Dennis Etten-Wyoming

  3. 7M Jeff Murphy-Columbus Junction


Heat 3

  1. 31 Rick Curtis-Muscatine

  2. S9 Ron Schruers-Fruitland

  3. 100 Dave Schrier-Muscatine


NASCAR  Double D Performance Pro Stocks


Heat 1

  1. 25 Bob Moyer-Dubuque

  2. 32 Chris Simpson-Marion

  3. 36 Jason Gingerich-West Liberty


Heat 2

  1. 38 Gary Crawford-Independence

  2. 26 Paul Hallett-Muscatine

  3. 7 Dale Franklin-Marion


Heat 3

  1. 24 Monte Hayden-Wilton

  2. 69 John Maher- West Branch

  3. 21 Jeremy Honts-Muscatine




Miller Time Modifieds


Heat 1

  1. 17 Steve Stewart-Washington

  2. 21 Todd Hanson-Muscatine

  3. 36 Leroy Brenner-Aledo, IL


Heat 2

  1. 2H Rick Hixson-Orion, IL

  2. 1 Johnny Spaw-Cedar Rapids

  3. 1A Rich Smith-Davenport


Heat 3

  1. 60 Rob Verbeck-Anawan, IL

  2. 3 Jason Schueller-Dubuque

  3. 2 Jim Vest-Wellman



  1. 55 Scott Stecher-Muscatine

  2. 5D Bob Dominacki-Bettendorf

  3. 51 Ryan Dolan-Lisbon


Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation Late Models

Bud Open Late Model Shootout


Fast Time: Jeff Bair-Solon, IA


Heat 1

  1. 21H Brian Harris-Davenport

  2. 28 Jeff Bair-Solon

  3. 12t Jeff Tharp-Dubuque


Heat 2


  1. 51 Matt Furman-Iowa City

  2. 26 Steve Boley-West Liberty

  3. 25 Chad Simpson-Marion


Heat 3

1.      56E Andy Eckrich-Cosgrove

2.      32D Darren Miller-Chadwick, IL

3.      66 Ryan Dolan-Lisbon


Heat 4

1.      50 Denny Eckrich-Tiffin

2.      58 Dave Eckrich-Oxford

3.      12 Ray Guss Jr.-Milan, IL


Heat 5

1.      99 Johnny Johnson-West Burlington

2.      37S Mike Smith-Jewell

3.      77X Jeff Aikey-Cedar Falls


Consolation #1

1.      3 Josh McGowan-Vinton

2.      56 Gary Webb-Blue Grass

3.      33 Nick Marolf-Moscow


Consolation #2

1.      18 Rusty Zook-Riverside

2.      3X Skip Frey-Ely

3.      99D Darrel DeFrance-Marshalltown


Race Of Champions

1.      32D Miller

2.      66 Dolan

3.      28 Bair

4.      50 Eckrich

5.      58 Eckrich

6.      12 Guss Jr.

7.      99 Johnson

8.      25 Simpson

9.      21h Harris

10.    26 Boley


West Liberty Raceway


By: Jerry Mackey

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