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Suzuki 4 wheeler that Wilwert's has provided SPI for race track and  tee shirt shoot each night. The Suzuki Fun Gun provided by Wilwert's Inc.

Denny Eckrich Takes $6,000 Paycheck In Bud Shootout Opener at Farley

Jason Schueller & Jake Blumer Big Winners



Farley, Iowa: 82 degree mid April temperatures greeted the big crowd as the 2004 racing season got underway on Friday night at the “Palace of Speed” otherwise known as the Farley Speedway. The Bud Shootout brought together a strong field of Late Model drivers looking to capture the $6,000 dollar paycheck.


 When the 50 lap feature checkered flag flew it was Tiffin, Iowa’s Denny Eckrich making his way to victory lane to accept the big check and the Becker Motorsports trophy. The 50 lap feature took the green flag with Hollywood Graphics fast dash winner Jeff Aikey taking control from the pole position. Aikey paced the field on the very racy track for the first 15 laps before Denny Eckrich was able to take over the lead at the flag stand. Aikey would drop out of the race a few laps later with apparent power steering problems. Gary Webb showed his mastery of the Farley Speedway low groove and advanced from his 10th position start to pressure Eckrich for the lead on several occasions. Webb would settle for second to Eckrich as the checkered flag was waved. Ace Ihm drove Ed White’s number 12 to a strong third place finish after running up front the entire 50 laps. Ray Guss Jr. driving for team 75 in 2004 drove to a fourth place finish after taking the green in 16th spot. Dave Eckrich advanced from 11th to round out the top five. Steve Boley had problems in his qualifying heat and was forced to run the consolation to secure a position in the 26 car feature. Boley fought through the pack to finish sixth ahead of Pete Parker, Jeff Tharp, Mike Miller and Darren Mish rounded out the top ten in the star studded feature event. Jeff Aikey was credited with leading the first 15 laps and Denny Eckrich led the final 35 laps to take the Bud Shootout victory.


 The Modified feature took the green with veteran driver Jim Burbridge setting the pace following his fast dash victory. Ron Barker quickly moved into the lead and would go on to lead the first 11 laps before dropping into the pits with a very warm engine. After cooling the motor Barker would work his way through the field to contend for the win as the laps wound down. Jason Schueller drove the high line in holding off the late race challenges from Barker and Josh Vinnedge. This trio would cross the finish line taking the top three positions. Mark Schulte ran fourth and Scott Nesteby rounded out the top five in the 20 lap feature event.


 Young Jake Blumer recorded the season opening win in the Farley Flyer division after battling with Becky Roth for much of the feature race. Roth led for the first 8 laps before Blumer was able to take the lead after a side by side race for the lead. Blumer went on to capture the Becker Motorsports trophy taking the win over Roth, Tim Koppes and Adam Wills.


 Friday, April 23rd will be the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series season opener at the Farley Speedway.  6 NASCAR classes will be in action being headlined by the NASCAR Late Models. Hot laps will take to the track at 7 p.m. with racing action to follow.      


Friday, April 16

Bud Shootout


Farley Flyers



Heat 1

  1. 50 Joe Zrostlik-Long Grove
  2. 21b Jake Blumer-Manchester
  3. 69 Becky Roth-Hazel Green


Heat 2

  1.  1 Tim Koppes-Cascade
  2. 48j Jena Barthelemes-Cedar Rapids
  3. 00 John Flury-Peosta


Fast Dash

  1. 69 Roth
  2. 21k Danny Kennedy-Dubuque
  3. 50 Zrostlik



  1. 21b Blumer

  2. 69 Roth

  3. 1 Koppes

  4. 71 Adam Wills-Hazel Green, WI
  5. 50 Zrostlik
  6. 00 Flury
  7. 15B Loras Feldmann-Dyersville
  8. 48J Barthelemes
  9. 29 Travis Nesteby-Dubuque
  10. 20 F Tom Bertjens-Dubuque
  11. 7 Ray Young-Anamosa
  12. 4j Joe Dirks-Anamosa
  13. 21K Kennedy
  14. 55 Brian Kammerude-Hazel Green, WI

 Quarter Master Modifieds


Heat 1

  1.  74 Scott Nesteby-Asbury
  2. 3 Jason Schueller-Dubuque
  3. 15 Sean Rupp-Dubuque


Heat 2

  1.  37B Ron Barker-Dubuque
  2. 1 Johnny Spaw-Cedar Rapids
  3. 20 Korey Burmeister-Glen Haven, WI


Fast Dash

  1. 11 Jim Burbridge-Delhi
  2. 2 Schueller
  3. 37B Barker



  1. 3 Schueller

  2. 37B Barker

  3. 00 Josh Vinnedge-Forreston, IL

  4. 27 Mark Schulte-Delhi
  5. 74 Nesteby
  6. 15 Rupp
  7. 18 Skip Culbertson-Dubuque
  8. 03 Larry Kelly-Cedar Rapids
  9. 11 Burbridge
  10. 97 Steve Dunkel-Worthington
  11. 14B Shane Burbridge-Delhi
  12. 33 John Burbridge-Delhi
  13. 1 Spaw
  14. 2K Tim Klouser-Freeport, IL
  15. 20 Burmeister


Bud Shootout Late Models


Heat 1

  1. 12X Ace Ihm-Kieler, WI
  2. 27 Dan Shelliam-Hazel Green, WI
  3. 10 Pete Parker-Kaukauna, WI


Heat 2

  1. 1K John Anderson-Omaha, NE
  2. 11 Pat Doar-New Richmond, WI
  3. 58 Dave Eckrich-Oxford


Heat 3

  1. 50 Denny Eckrich-Tiffin
  2. 00 Mitch Johnson-Hixson, ND
  3. 21h Brian Harris-Davenport


Heat 4

  1.  79 Darren Mish-Cassville
  2. 77 Jeff Aikey-Cedar Falls
  3. 08 Mike Miller-Leaf River, IL


Hollywood Graphics Fast Dash

  1. 77 Aikey
  2. 50 Eckrich
  3. 79 Mish



1. 26 Steve Boley-West Liberty

2. 3t Todd Davis-Iowa City

3. 92 John Seitz-Bemidji, MN


50 Lap Bud Shootout


  1. 50 Eckrich ( $6,000)
  2. 56W Gary Webb-Blue Grass, IA
  3. 12X Ihm
  4. 75 Ray Guss Jr.-Milan, IL
  5. 58  Dave Eckrich
  6. 26 Steve Boley-West Liberty
  7. 10 Pete Parker
  8.  12t Jeff Tharp-Dubuque
  9. 08 Miller
  10. 79 Mish
  11. 00 Johnson
  12. 12S Brad Seng-Grand Forks, ND
  13. 17S R.J. Simon-Farley
  14. 45x Tommy Elston-Keokuk
  15. 56 Andy Eckrich-Cosgrove
  16. B1 Jeff Larson-Freeport, IL
  17. 45 Curt Martin-Independence
  18. 1m Rob Moss-Iowa City
  19. 92  Seitz
  20. 28 Greg Peck-Sioux City, IA
  21. 21h Harris
  22. 28X Jeff Bair-Solon
  23. 77 Aikey
  24. 3t Davis
  25. 11 Doar
  26. 1k Anderson

 Late Model drivers in attendance that did not start feature


3X Skip Frey-Ely, IA

69 Todd Hormel-West Liberty

37 Rollie Frink-Davenport

51 Matt Furman-Iowa City

00X Mark Schumacher-East Moline

5 Ed Sanger-Postville

23D Dana Wells-Moscow

9 Bobby Hansen-Center Point

27 Dan Shelliam-Hazel Green


Farley Speedway

Farley, Iowa


By: Jerry Mackey

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