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Suzuki 4 wheeler that Wilwert's has provided SPI for race track and  tee shirt shoot each night. The Suzuki Fun Gun provided by Wilwert's Inc.

Aikey Sails to Grant County Raceway Late Model Win


Lancaster, WI:  The second night of Stock Car racing under the direction of SPI of Farley, Iowa was held on Saturday night at the Grant County Raceway in Lancaster, Wisconsin.


 The final checkered flag of the night fell at 9:20 P.M. following a seven feature event racing program.  The 25 lap Late Model feature was the headliner of the night. Rob Moss of Iowa City, Iowa led the first 11 laps of the main before Cedar Falls, Iowa driver Jeff Aikey was able to take over the top spot using the high line of the smooth racy track. Jeremiah Hurst took over second on lap number 14 and challenged Aikey the remaining 11 circuits. Hurst came up just short settling for second less than a car length behind Aikey. Moss took third ahead of Darren Mish.


 Ronny Barker continues to be the hottest Modified driver in the Tri-State area, with another win on Saturday night. Barker took the lead from his second row start on lap number one and went on to score an easy win over Jason Walrack. Jason Schueller and Steve Wetter rounded out the top four.


 Jimy Brokus decided late in the day Saturday to make the trip up to Lancaster from Dubuque. Brokus made the trip payoff as he scored his second consecutive Pro Stock feature win in as many weeks at the Grant County Raceway. Brokus took the checkers ahead of Jason Robbins and Jason Udelhofen.


 Jarvis Eastlick took control of the Hobby Stock feature on lap number one and went on to score the Hobby Stock feature win over Rick Runde and Jason Gilbertson. Eastlick’s win was his second in a row at the High banked 3/8 mile Grant County Raceway.


 16 drivers took the green for the main event in the Limited Stock main event. Ricky Bohland used his front row start to his advantage, taking the lead in turn one and going on to  lead the race flag to flag. Bohland took the win over Jim Mezera and Stan Burris.


 Travis Johnson took advantage of Eric Glendenning’s misfortune late in the Outlaw 4 cylinder feature. Glendenning had problems on the last lap after building a big lead. That gave the win to Johnson over Mike Rymarz.


 The large field of Flyers in attendance made for the running of two ten laps features. The first main event win went to Becky Roth, who scored the win ahead of Ruben Riley and Brian Kammerude. The second ten lap feature win went to local driver Mike Nihles. Brett Barr took second ahead of Matt Stagman.


 Racing will return to the Grant County Raceway in Lancaster, Wisconsin on Saturday, August 14th with a full show being headlined by the Late Models. Action will take to the track at 6 p.m.


Race Results

Grant County Speedway  (Lancaster, WI)



Late Models


Feature  25 laps


  1. 77 Jeff Aikey-Cedar Falls, IA

  2. 41J  Jeremiah Hurst-Dubuque, IA

  3. 1M Rob Moss-Iowa City, IA

  4. 79 Darren Mish-Cassville, WI

  5. 95 Ed Sanger-Postville, IA

  6. 12 Jeff Tharp-Dubuque, IA

  7. 11 Steve (Ace) Ihm-Kieler, WI

  8. 76 Matt Mish-Cassville, WI

  9. 43 Dan Fortman-Dubuque, IA

  10. 5 Bob Letts-Manchester, IA

  11.  38 Gary Crawford-Independence, IA


Modified Feature 20 Laps


  1. 37B Ron Barker-Dubuque, IA

  2. 14W Jason Walrack-Mineral Point, WI

  3. 3 Jason Schueller-Dubuque, IA

  4. 33W Steve Wetter-Platteville, WI

  5. 86 David McClain-Potosi, WI

  6. 74 Scott Nesteby-Dubuque, IA

  7. 9 Duane Coulson-E. Dubuque, IL

  8. 7J Jacob Seegmiller-Dubuque, IA

  9. 27 Rich Picha-Praire Du Chein, WI

  10.  6  Jed Frieburger-Dubuque

  11. 19 Pete Bonin-Platteville, WI


Pro Stock 15 lap Feature


1.      35 Jim Brokus-Dubuque, IA

2.      21 Jason Robbins-Benton, WI

3.      23u Jason Udelhoven-Potosi, WI

4.      22 Jeff Valentine-Dubuque

5.      91 Rich Picha-Praire Du Chein, WI

6.      74 Tony Meyer-St. Olaf, IA

7.      5 Dane Steiner-Dubuque, IA

8.      3 Jim Bauer-Patch Grove, WI

9.      68 Jim Hendricks-Muscoday, WI

10.   99 Ken Martelle, IA

11.  12 Jeremy Gengler-Lancaster, WI


Hobby Stock 10 Lap Feature


1.      20 Jarvis Eastlick-Platteville, WI

2.      80 Rick Runde-Platteville, WI

3.      3 Jason Gilbertson-Hollandale, WI

4.      98 Brandon Harris-Muscoday, WI

5.      38 Jerret Gerber-Platteville

6.      11P Tom Pluemer-Potosi, WI

7.      44 Mike Lynch-Platteville, WI

8.      80R Brian Runde-Platteville, WI

9.      11H Tyler Hardy-Lancaster, WI


Limited Stock 10 Lap Feature


1.      88 Ricky Bohland-PraireDu Chein, WI

2.      911 Jim Mezera-Eastman, WI

3.      13X Stan Burris JR.-Beloit, WI

4.      17 Jeff Johnson-Potosi, WI

5.      82 Denny Udelhoven-Dickeyville, WI

6.      32 Duane Toay-Mineral Point, WI

7.      9 Rob Kuykendall-Wauseka, WI

8.      7 Ryan Federman-Mineral Point, WI

9.      13 Bill Eisele-Livingston, WI

10.  40.5 Mark Mezera-Mt Hope, WI

11.  59 Roger Winkers-Lancaster, WI

12.  79 Randy Meyer-Praire Du Chein, WI

13.  18B Rob Bradshaw-Cassville, WI

14.   6 Brandon Harris Muscoday, WI

15.  20 Larry Schultz-Linden, WI

16.  41L Tim Lindholm-Mineral Point, WI


Flyers  #1   10 lap Feature   (4 cylinders)


1.      69 Becky Roth-Hazel Green, WI

2.      14 Rueben Riley-Highland, WI

3.      55 Brian Kammerude-Hazel Green, WI

4.      83 Tim Barr-Dodgeville, WI

5.       6 Bob Bomkamp-Highland, WI

6.      31 Tim Lindholm-Mineral Point, WI

7.      84 John Chandler-Montfort, WI

8.      45 Jeff Jorgensen-Mineral Point, WI

9.      00 John Flury-Epworth, IA

10.   55X Dustin Wilwert-Dubuque, IA

11.  86 Matt Bennett-Lancaster, WI

12.  131 Chris Roth-Livingston, WI

13.  63 George Drury-Highland, WI


Feature # 2

1.      12 Mike Nihles-Lancaster, WI

2.      88 Brett Barr-Cobb

3.      15Matt Stagman-Lancaster, WI

4.      33A Anthony Hall-Fennimore, WI

5.      62 Eric Hartke-Cuba City, WI

6.      202 Justin Warren-Livingston

7.      21 Manny Bennett-Benton, WI

8.      6b Brandon Bomkamp-Highland

9.      28 Jim Edge-Darlington, WI

10.   86J Jake Yager-Lancaster, WI

11.   18 Steve VanNatta-Platteville, WI

12.  77X Kent Johnson-Praire Du Chein, WI

13.  8L Larry Chandler-Montfort, WI



Outlaw 4 Cylinders 10 lap Feature


1.      00J Travis Johnson-Darlington, WI

2.      6 Mike Rymarz-Prairie Du Chein, WI

3.      27 Nathan Weber-Lancaster, WI

4.      xx Matt Mason-Bloomington, WI

5.      99.3 Eric Glendenning-Darlington, WI

6.      12t Terry Nihles-Lancaster, WI

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