Where Can I purchase tickets?
General grandstand admission tickets can be purchased at main ticket booth.

Is camping available?
Yes at 14569 Old Highway Road Dubuque. You can contact them to camp at 563-588-1406.

What type of food do you sell at the track?
SPI’s famous Port Tenderloin sandwich, hamburgers, chesse burgers, hot dog, french fries, popcorn, candy bars, cheese fries, nacho’s & nacho supremes. Drinks we have pepsi products, water and beer.

What accommodations do you have for Handicap?
We have at the top of grandstands or corner 1 you can park their car on hill and watch from there.

What are track seat options?
General admission and sit were ever you want. We also have suites available to rent by the year but are not handicap accessible.

What items are not allowed at the track?
We do not allow any food or beverage carry ins.